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MAT B1 Forms

How many weeks are you when you should get one?

Thank you


  • I got mine at my 20 week scan/mw appt. I would ahve thought its the same for everywhere. I didnt need it as dont work but other half needed to show it when i had 15 weeks left so the latest is 25 weeks i guess.
  • yep anytime after your 20 weeks.
  • Best get on to my mw then cause will be 25wk next week saying that havent seen her since 8wks
    Thank you
  • Blimey thats a long time...i would certianly get in touch asap just so u have it.
  • I got mine last week at my 25wk appintment with the Dr and gave it straight to my dad (he's my boss).x
  • i got mine at my 20 week appointment


  • I haven't had mine and I'm 28 weeks!! Rubbish midwife!! Fortunately my boss doesn't have much of a clue when I'm supposed to hand in forms and stuff so its not a problem!

    Thanks for the reminder though - I need to kick my midwife when I go on Thursday... actually...if I write me a note on my notes right now then i shouldn't forget!!
  • Hi, do I need MAT B1 form when I am not working? I am mother of 13old boy and I stay at home with him, now I am 36 weeks pregnant and I thought I dont need one....does anyone know?
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