Old Wives Tales are .....


I did the test that someone posted about, I used my ring, I checked how differently I was carrying my bump etc and was convinced I was having a girl!!!!

This morning I had an amazing scan (at 21 wks) and my baby was extremely shy and held his hand over his face but not shy enough to blatantly show his boy bits at every opportunity!

Therefore, every test I have had a laugh doing proved wrong!!!! Good luck to everyone else who is convinced - but NEVER put money on it as I was very tempted to do lol

Love Lee


  • Wohoooooooooooooooooo LEE congrats hun
  • lol congrats! lol xx
  • Lol exactly the same thing happened to me! I was SO convinced I was having a girl that I even wanted to buy pink sleepsuits (oh stopped me!) before the scan. I was shocked when they said it was a boy!

    Anyway congratulations! Is that 3 boys you'll have now? I remember in a prev post u said u had 2 boys...wow xxx
  • Many congrats on the baby boy, Lee!!
    I'm not finding out, but have done a few of the old wives tales things....they have all come out diff, so we're just gonna have to wait til the day!
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