May not be PG after all :(


Can't believe this...

Some of you may know that on Sunday I POAS to get a VFP (Very Faint Positive) so decided to test yesterday twice...once with a digital test which produced a 'PREGNANT' answer and another with an ordinary test (still both Clearblue) which showed a stronger + sign.

As you can imagine hubby and I were delighted and made an appointment with GP today....

However, I tested again this morning because I suppose I just wanted to see a stronger + sign again, but to my surprise the test looked pretty much negative ( a much, much less cross than the original VFP on Sunday:cry: I'm so upset.

Just got back from GP who says that it's 50/50 chance as she has know false positives before - even on digital tests! I feel so cheated! How on earth did I manage two false positives if that's what they are - not taking any fertility drugs to get a misleading result????

Have been given a sample pot to use first thing tomo a.m. with the results given on Thursday.

Feeling so low
Any advice or ideas why the quick change in results would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Em xxxx


  • Really don't know but am hoping for a positive for you. xx
  • Hi Em,

    When I found out I was PG I got a VFP on the friday (AF was due monday) I then tested on the monday and got a bfn I then thought the VFP must have been a false positive but I wanited until the friday again and did another test and it came back positive, I was late by 4 days but it was still a faint pos.

    I have never heard of a false pos on a digital test so I really shouldn't worry yourself, the dr's take little or no interest in you when you ask for help regarding ttc, you are 95% more like to have a false negative (like your test this morning)

    When is your af due?

  • really cant say much unless you dident have has much hormone in your body then you did the other day, did u test it in the middle of your urine stream coz iv heard if you do it staright away theres not as much hormone detected straight away, if that makes sense? i think you are pregnant coz if you wasent they wouldent even be a faint line on your test!

    love hayley xxxx
  • Thanks ladies

    My Afs have been very irregular since coming off the pill in July 06 and since MMC in Oct ) so no idea when that should be due, although today is Day 40 and have cycles up to Day 45 before. I thought that AF had started to arrive on Saturday night when I got some dark brown spotting (sorry if tmi) but when it never came in full swing the next morning i convinced myself it was the implantation (I have a very vivid imagination!)

    Any hoos, not sure about when exactly I used the sampler in my urine - do you mean that it is better to wait a bit and not use the very first bit of urine!!??

    Cheers Em xxxxxxx
  • yea thats what i meant,sorry if im not clear. just thought that could be someting to do with it,not really sure tho,but when i did my pregnancy test it was faint, hardly there aswell! xxx
  • There is a very high chance the spotting could have been implantation so don't think it was your imagination, tbh I genuinely don't think you got false positives.

    When you poas this morning was it fmu? did you make sure you didn't get any on any other part of the test eg: the results screen as that can mess up the results.

    Don't be scared to do your other digi test but I would pee in a pot and dip it in, it's still very early on hun and you are likely to get mixed results so try not to get down image

    Most importantly don't listen to your doctor and just follow your body, from my experience of ttc i have learnt not to trust anything doctors tell you.

  • Thanks Caz. Yes it was FMU and I don't think there were any extra splashes in the wrong place.

    Why is it better to pee in a pot? I have always just used the tests in my uring stream. Will the results be more accurate?

  • If you pee in a pot you know that the stick will get completely soaked whereas when you pee on the stick it has a habit of going everywhere lol sorry if tmi.

    Did the doc not do a pg test for you? if they didn't I think thats really bad, they can't just tell you there is a 50/50 chance I would go back there and kick up a right fuss the least they could have done was tested you or taken blood as that would have definitely told you.

    Can you book emergency appointments at your DR's? if you can maybe go there and get bloods done.

    The other option is to do you other pregnancy test image

    I hope I am helping and not confusing the situation more :S let me know if there is anything else you want to know as it sounds like you are in exactly the same position I was in and I had irregular periods also.

  • Thanks Caz.

    GP has given me a sample pot to take FMU tomo with results given on Thursday. That's too much worrying time in my mind so I'm def going to test later today using the pot thing like you mentioned. Sounds like good advice.

    Keeping everything crossed for a positive result later. Will post the news when the deed is done. I hope it's positive.

    Thanks everyone for all your help. This site is a god send.
    Em xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • well I wish you all the best of luck.

    Just another thing try not to drink more liquids than you would normally as it will dilute the hormone, just let your pee build up over the day, please make sure you let us know how you get on and I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you.

  • Have done the deed - although told hubby I wouldn't til he got home (bad me!)

    It says PREGNANT! I really hope its telling the truth!

    Cheers, Em xxx

    P.S. I am never going to buy anything other than the Digital tests from now on - there's just too much ambiguity!
  • Posted in ttc aswell

    I'm really pleased for you I hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy.

    Your hubby will be dead chuffed when you tell him. Now its time for you to relax and let him look after you image

  • Hi there,
    Oh boy what a carry on eh? but am glad to hear that its all good news and hope all goes well for u em!! am due on 4th of feb so sorry if i am nosing in here!!

    I am hooked in this website which i think its great

    Good luck hun
    Cheriste xx
  • Thanks for all your lovely comments. Thinking of starting a petition for only digital tests to be allowed and for the government to give women TTC a grant to use for the expense...might put this in writing! LOL! have always thought girls should get additional grants for things like tampons, sanitary towels etc!!!

    And yes, this site is addictive and such a hige support.

    love to you all
    Em xxxxxxxxxx
  • r them tests about ??20! they r so expensive aren't they! i did a clear blue but it was not digital but it still cost me ??9!! the first one i did which was positive cost 3.98 and that was for 2!! ( sainsburys). i'm glad ur test is postive em,i thought it would be!! i just wouldn't test anymore!! xx
  • congrats thought u was preggers! yeyyyy
  • Nope...not testing again...too much stress!!! only going to pop in my sample to docs tomo so they can get the result too so we can move forwards!

    Digital tests are ??14.49 for two in Boots but Ex-PregnantLady in TTC forum has found packs of two Clearlue on Ebay for under ??10 which is better.
    Em xxxxxxxxx
  • Congratulations Em, so pleased for you. Naughty GP treating you like that! Now you can have a lovely evening with your hubby xx
  • I researched this on the internet with my last pregnancy, and all the info said that false +ves are very unlikely, and if you get a +ve reading but later find out your not pregnant then you are likely to have miscarried in between. However uve mensioned nothing of this, so I would say that 2false +ves are verging on impossible. Good luck Kerry xxx
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