should i be worried

well ive painted my nails,cleaned the kitchen with all purpose cleaner and disinfectant,and have since read that i shoulnt paint my nails and that i should have worn gloves .im now scared to use nail varish remover to take it off.should i be worried x


  • I haven't heard anything to say that you cant paint your nails, I've been doing mine throughout! And as far as cleaning goes I've used all purpose cleaner too, should think its all right I just know you shouldn't use anything with strong fumes.
  • ive painted my nails today should be ok hun iv never heard that u should'n paint them u can dye ur hair wen preg so im sure painting ur nails is safe enough.
    abbie n bluebump 39+2
  • i was just worried about skin absorption really but thanks for your advice it helps x
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