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i went for my ant apointment on fri and she told me that im having a chubby baby i cant find any info about this in any books just wanted any advice with the birth and the later weeks of your bump growing

thank you


  • Hi babe how many weeks are you. Iam 36 weeks on wednesday going to see midwife and hopefully she will be able to give me a rough idea of howbig my baby is going to be. Everybody keeps laughing at me saying im going to have a big baby becouse my bump is rock hard no wobble at all and baby is moving all the time its quite painfull actually. Have you had a scn to determine this or are they justgoing by tummy measurements?
  • hi i had a scan at 28 weeks because i had to stay in the ward over night im 33 weeks at moment she said that they might do another scan at 36 weeks just see how it goes
  • I cant offer any advice as this is my first pregnancy but ill let you know how i get on on wednesday. To be honest i hope im a bit early as long as it doesnt effect baby obviously. I am in so much pain with my back and pelvis the only releif i get is in the bath. I keep thinking of all those lovely newborn clothes sitting in the wardrobe as well!!!! They sometimes make mistakes too and a lot can happen in a few weeks. As long as the baby is happy and healthy that is the main thing x
  • Hi my lo was 10 lb when he was born and my daughter was 8 lb 9 1/2. with my son i had a scan at 31 weeks and they said he was on course to be a good size about 9 to 9 1/2 lb so they werent that far wrong. But with my daughter who is 5 they never estimated or gave me a scan toguess the weight.
    vikki xx
  • Hi,

    I wouldn't worry too much. My neighbour was due the same time as me when i was carrying my second... I was due 6 days before. Considering i was massive and my neighbour wasn't they told her she was having a big baby and booked her in to induce her 1 week early. She gave birth to a boy who weighed 7lb 12oz. I on the other hand was bigger than ever and everyone kept telling me i've got a big one in there!! The midwife was not at all worried and said that my baby was of average size. I had my daughter 9 days after my neighbour and she weighed 10lb 5oz. We often joke that the midwife team got our notes muddled up. It goes to show though that they don't always know the size. So don't worry too much. I still had a normal delivery with my second.
  • I had a scan a week before my 1st son was born and the consultant said he would be average of about 7 1/2lbs. He was 9lb 8 1/2oz (normal delivery but with forceps). My 2nd son was 10lbs 3 1/2oz (also normal delivery with forceps but came out face up which makes delivery harder hence the need for forceps) Thankfully my 3rd was a girl 9lbs 2oz also face up but a home birth in a pool with no intervention. My sister also had a 10lb 11oz boy with a normal delivery. Don't be put off by the possible size you can still do it normally!
    Birthing balls are good for big bumps to support your back and swimming or just being in the water is bliss to take the weight off for a bit. Hope this helps x
  • Hi, my lo was born in sept & in june i was sent for a gestational diabetes test & scan as i my midwife told me i was carrying a big baby. In August i was sent for another scan & another diabetes test as my midwife again told me the baby was very large. When i had the scan in August the doc said the baby would be about 10 -11lb at least, especially as i was nearly 10lb at birth & my hubby was over 10lb at birth!
    When i went over my due date i was even more scared thinking how big was my baby going to be!!! I was in labour for 4 days & had my gorgeous baby who weighed 8lb 3oz 11days over my due date!!
    I was so shocked as i expected a giant baby! I spent 4months worrying for nothing.
  • Hi try not to worry yourself too much, all my babies have been large, the last one was 11lb 4ozs and i have had quick, easy ,normal deliveries with no pain relief with all of them. Like everyone has said the health professionals seem to get the size wrong quite often. x
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