Think I am.......again!!!!

Hi girls,

Just wanted to share with you......I think I am expecting again!!!!! Well, I'm 99% positive anyway lol

I was due on, on 15th and have a very regular cycle of 28-30 days and today is now day 32!!! I had a weird day on Friday 14th - had a couple of dizzy spells and just felt fuzzy headed all day - exactly the same as when I last found out I was preggie image

Told OH who is just as happy as me!! Don't think I'll be telling immediate family for a while thou - this will be no5!!!! Would rather enjoy this time for a bit b4 getting the wagging finger and moans n groans from main family lol



  • Congratulations, have u taken a test or just going off past experience. Well if this is baby number 5 u'll have had plenty of past experience won't u, lol. Congratulations. Kerry xxx
  • Congratulations hun! No 5, gosh! I'm finding it hard being pregnant with just one little rascal running around!

    Good luck! xxx
  • Okey, did a test this evening and it was a definate positive imageimageimage

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  • Congratulations !!!
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