anyone not really enjoy pregnancy?

i can't wait to have baby but i am really not enjoying pregnancy! i was the same expecting my son.

i'm 15 weeks and just feel really big, my hips hurt already and i'm so so tired. i thought we were suppossed to glow?


  • Im 19wks and have already been in and out of hospital twice with sickness, have lost loads of weight, sore hips also, and only stopped throwing up two weeks ago. I cant wait for the summer when its over haha,
  • sorry you feel the same ladies! melanie i feel guilty i've been nowhere near as ill as you! kef120 i've just started with the acid heartburn and its nasty nasty nasty!

    i'm booking hubby in for the snip for his christmas present this year!
  • Yep, I've hated being pregnant!!!

    Started being sick at 4.5 weeks, spent many weeks in hospital and lost three and a half stone - now 36.5 weeks and still being sick!!!

    I also hate the way my body looks and can't wait to get it back (at least something close to how it was before!) and can't wait to have the pressure off my ribs where madam is currently sticking her legs!!

    I also have mild SPD, carpal tunnel syndrome, I'm anaemic and have had awful heartburn!!!!!

    However, I am really looking forward to her getting here - just wish she'd hurry!!

    C xx
  • tis crap init! i have heartburn nearly all day and i dont sleep at night im sick of having a big fat stomach as its just in the way i will be sooooo glad when its all over!! only 9 days till due date.
    it must be awful to be so sick all the time tho xx
  • I'm hoping this is the end of the sickness now. I have gone from a size12 down to a size8 since being pregnant from not even being able to keep down a few sips of water, but baby is fine and kicking away now, heartbeat is strong, and I find out what it is a week tomorrow. fingers crossed its a girl. Alot of people have told me they had really bad sickness when carrying girls, so hopefully!!
  • Hi mrs blue. I so know how you feel. I've been ill from day one. I'm still sick everyday and so p-off with it now. My hips hurt so much. My boobs weigh at least a ton each and i'm already feeling so uncomfortable. So god knows what ill be like in another few months. I'm just hanging onto the fact i cant wait 2meet my baby and be a parent! Hope u feel better soon chick. Lisa 15+2 x
  • I've been ok up until the last two weeks as one of my girls is squashing my ribs and causing me pain. Hoping it will subside soon though! xx

  • ow i feel worse now everyone else is feeling bad!

    imagine if men went through this!
  • me too mrsblue and thank you for posting this!

    We have to think it'll all be sooo worth it in the end!! I've had quite a few issues, some minor, some major-ish and still got 3 months to go...but Spring is on the way which'll make us all feel better!! and we won't be preggers for ever.....
    Ames x
  • Oh hell no i've hated every minute of this PG tbh! i've felt nothing but sick, tired, also i started showing really early i seem to put on about 3stone in one go too! plus this bloody god damned SPD is killing me too, virtually almost bed-ridden now!!!! my kingdom for this to be over!

  • :lol: I HATE IT!! Love feeling my baby move but apart from that its dreadful. Was in hospital twice with hyperemesis. Still throwing up and have been told prob will till baby is born. So sore and uncomfortable. I loved being pregnant last time but i was very young then so maybe my body coped better. I actually used to want to be a surrogate :lol: Not a chance! Cant wait to hold my little girl though.

    Lindsay 26+3
  • I think I might print off this thread to remind myself I'm not the only one!!! x
  • I haven't enjoyed it so far- but when I start feeling the baby move (fingers crossed any day now!) it will all be worth it!

    I had been exhausted from day 1 and still am, and sick from about 6 weeks. I had one period of a few days of really bad sickness that I managed to pull myself out of in time for Christmas (was stuck in bed and throwing up blood) then it happened again in the new year and I ended up in hospital

    Since they rehydrated me I'm much better, but I still have nausea, just nowhere near as bad!

    17+4 x
  • me today cos of this sick bug its horrible xx
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