Random - baby kicking!

Afternoon ladies,
A bit of a pointless post really, but as Im sat here still getting over this awful virus that has been going around, bubs is kicking me almost constantly in the ribs and its making me smile - and well up, damn hormones!!! I love feeling him kick and was getting worried as this last week I have only been feeling him kicking really low down, but hes back up just under my ribs again!! I am quite enjoying being pregnant especially as one of the drs at work yesterday asked if I was - he probably thought I was starting to look a little tubby as Im just starting to show now, and people aren't quite so shocked when I say Im pregnant like they were before.

Im even more excited now that my mw has said that she is 100% behind me having a home water birth (all being well until then that is), lets just hope things stay on track,,,




  • i know, i can't wait to feel bub kick! i moaned about it last preg when it started to get painful, then when he was born i missed it so much! i too want a home birth and the temp midwife was all for it because last birth went so well, 4 hours, no pain relief, no stitches! can't ask for more really!!
    Hope you get your home birth!!
    Good luck and enjoy the kicks!!


  • Awww bless, it is lovely isnt it! It was only a week ago i was moaning to the midwife about how i hardly ever felt any movement, and for the last 3 days i've been kicked constantly! I think i may have the next David Beckham in there lol. I'm not allowed a home or waterbirth, too high risk, so i'm very jealous of you both!
    MrsS1258, were you worrying about baby being breech? I dont know why, but i have it in my head that this baby will be and i'll need a section! I never even thought about it with my last two, so dont know why its suddenly become an issue!
    When is the lateest they can turn on their own? xx
  • To be honest, it has never occured to me about baby being breech as at this stage I think they can still turn quite a lot - worst case scenario I do have a gym ball so would be bouncing day and night to make sure he was in the right position when it came to it!!! I think they give you until you are 37 weeks or so, but even still I think the baby can turn, its just less likely thereafter and I think you can still labour and deliver naturally when baby is breech but there can be more risks to it. I wouldnt worry about it too much, there are too many ifs buts and maybes to be concerned about, we would end of nervous wrecks!!

  • Ah ok! I thought maybe as you were worrying about kicks being low down you were sharing my breech worry! Lol, i have no idea why i'm so worried this time, i think i may need hypnotherapy or something!!
  • Apparently, many moons ago when my mum was preg with me, i was breeched litterly until she went into labour! and she felt a massive turn and next thing i was down there ready and waiting! It is a worry but don't worry till the situation arrises!!


  • Hello

    My lo was breech until 38 + 5 weeks (turned hours before the confirmation scan to check position) wouldn't recommend late turning though as it was very sore - had to stop car and lay down on the grass as couldn't breathe! Much to amusement of people at bus stop as as soon as she was done i was up and on my way I was too emabrrassed to stay and chat! x
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