SPD- do the support belts help??

Hi there,i am really suffering at the moment with my pelvis.Good news is that i rang my consultant this morning n he has written me a referral for physio so i feel as though i may be getting somewhere!I was wondering if anybody had tried those support belts and if so do they help?Also any tips for a comfortable nights sleep n not waking up like a cripple that takes half hr to get out of bed will help!!!cant lie on my side incase anyone was gonna suggest lying on side with pillow between legs its far 2 painful iv tried it n av to sleep on my back at the min.sorry for moaning but feel fed up i lv being pregnant n this is just ruining the whole experience!!


  • Hi
    I totally sympathise, as will others on this site - I have bad SPD and am getting worse week by week. I have had it since 15 wks and now 31+2.

    I'll tell you what I use and you can pick what might help you -

    - support belt from mothercare - I think it does help a bit, I always wear it.
    - pelvic belt from physio - again, think it helps a bit, keeps your thighs together, I always wear it.
    - I have crutches from physio - these definately help when you are walking, I use one in the house (so I can get a cup of t) and 2 if I manage to escape from the house.
    - If I'm sitting, I use a great big pillow and a 'v' pillow, with a hot water bottle for my back. It also helps to raise my feet a little with a bean bag, just so they are above ground.
    - If lying on couch/bed on my back - well supported with same cushions but also 2 pillows under my knees to raise a little and keep them slightly bent.
    - Sleeping (what's that I hear you say?) - take stronger painkillers before you go to bed (my Dr's recommendation).
    Try to sleep on your side, I know its not great but better for baby as you get bigger.
    I sleep on a folded up spare duvet - to make it softer and easier for you.
    I have a huge body pillow (mothercare) that supports my bump and top arm and I swing the bottom half between my legs.
    I also have a wedge (mothercare) which goes either under my bump or at my back depending on the way I'm lying. I also try to prop up my hot water bottle at my back.

    I have found through sheer stubborness that rest really is the only thing that helps - you need to keep mobile as poss but don't do anything that hurts, which doesn't leave you much.
    Have you looked at the great website for SPD - its
    I got lots of tips that I'm going to write in my birth plan.

    Don't want to be despondant, but don't raise your hopes with the physio, there really isn't much she can do - but if she offers you crutches take them. My pride was getting in the way to start with but they really help. I even succombed to using an electric scooter thing at B&Q last week and oh my god what a difference it made - shopping with very little pain and some speed!

    I really hope this helps you hon - any more questions, just give me a shout. How many wks are you?

  • hia thanx lots 4 the replies ladies,jac i am nearly 29 wks and have had pain since b4 i even did a pregnancy test!it wasnt 2 bad and i've been getting on with it as mw never suggests anything when i c her but the last week or so has been agony!my pelvis cracks when i get out of bed n that wrecks!i know to keep my legs 2gether,feel like a cripple hope it dosen't get 2 much worse but frm what i'm reading about others on here it will!i suffered slightly when pregnant with my daughter whos now 2 1/2 but nowhere near as bad as this.I've finished wrk early and av had 2 stop swimming now which i was doing each week till i cdnt move on tues afterswimming on mon!i've just got 1 of those belts off ebay so w8in 4 that 2 arrive.I was hoping the physio would make me feel better!!o well itl b wrth it when lo arrives!
  • Hi

    I'd pretty much say the same as what Jacmac said above. Except my physio said not to get just any old support belt, he will sort me one out when I need one ( I'm 23 weeks pg and just starting to get the first signs of SPD. I had it really bad for the last 2 months of my first pregnancy -crutches, wheelchairs etc)

    Physio said the belts can stop some muscles working if you wear them too early or wear one thats unsuitable for you.

    Anyway, as for the rest, what Jacmac says is spot on I reckon :\)

  • hi there thanx,i got a belt as couldnt wait for physio appointment!i havent used it much if im honest as its so tight,when i put it on baby jumps everywhere!think it squishes her head poor thing!i have been so much better though since folding a double duvet up on top of the mattress on my side of the bed n also putting 2 cushions under my legs and also just chilled out alot,dnt walk too far if i can help and have stopped swimming! xx
  • I havent found the belt to be much use tbh!

    Another tip for bedtime is - get some really big comfy silky type pyjamas!!! I find I slide about in bed easier (on top of doubled up duvet with my huge pillow). Also, I have a silky cushion in my car and it defo makes swiveling in and out easier!

    I am now 28 wks and I dread going out coz if anyone bumps into me I end up bedridden! But as already mentioned previously mentioned - snap the phsyios arm off for crutches! Then when you get them I highly suggest tying foam around the handles - it makes them a lot more comfy!

    I would say hope you feel better soon but it sounds like your relief will come about the same time as mine (June). Roll On!!!!

    Love Lee
  • silk pjz is a good idea i may try that if i can find any to fit!!im 32 wks n my bump is rather huge now!when r u due lee?im due 26th may but may b havning a c section at 38 wks so if thats the case only 6 more wks 2 w8!!woohoo!! x
  • I got mine from a market and it was the best ??12 (for 2 pairs) that I have spent lol!!!!

    I am due on 24th June but am having a section too. Thing is up here the policy seems to be 39 wks but I am seeing a consultant tomorrow and really gonna try for 38 wk section. If so then it will (fingers crossed) be 10 wks tomorrow!!!!

    If you cant get silk pjs then my phsyio suggested lying on a sleeping bag (you know the really slippery type) instead of a duvet.

    Am soooo jealous of everyone ahead of me - am getting impatient for my lo now lol
  • hey im trying to find a post i posted on spd there is lots of info on it from peeps that have suffered and what they recommend ill find it and boost it up for you to read x x

    jem 37 weeks today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x x

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