Anyone on number 2 baby or got 2 close together?

Ive got Evan who is 7 months and pregnant with number 2 who is due in August so Evan will be 14 months. How do you cope, is it really hard work - im pretty scared!!!!!



  • I've a little boy, George, who is currently 15 months and I'm nearly 30 weeks pregnant so there'll be an 18 month age gap. It's really scary but I guess we'll just cope! Have to! I've been out looking at double buggies-which is fun. I think it'll be lovely for them to be so close in age. Good luck xx
  • My lo is 12 months and number 2 is due in June so he will be about 17 months then. I think the first 6 months will be hard work but as moony says you just get on with it. Plus I think in the long term they will play together and it will be easier xx
  • my lo is going to be 22 months when this one is born i think that is going to be nice. coz she can do things for herself and wont need all my attention. My sis is going to have 14 months between her 2! i think thats a tad close personally but i know someone who has 11 months between them! lol. so im sure u will cope fine and i bet they get on really well!! xx
  • Hey honey, I've posted you a reply in Baby.

  • I'm going to have 14 months between my 2nd & 3rd which is due in jus over 6 weeks. I also have a 3 year old & the closer its getting the more I'm wondering how on earth I'm going to manage!!!!!

    Hilary x
  • Hi! My son is 9 months and this one is due in July-I'm quite looking forward to having two close together, but do sometimes wonder if I'm loopy!
    Carly 14+3 xxx
  • My two are 18 months apart and it was no problem they are really close and it was lovely. My youngest will neasrly be 3 when this one is born in April and that I am dreading. x
  • ok i dont have such a small age gap as some of u but my lo is 2 and baby no2 due in march so there will be 2 1/2 yrs between them. But i have 2 friends who both only have about 18 months age gap between there 2, and they cope fantastically- think they find it hard at times, but they cope!! Have always heard people say that the toddler is alot harder wok than the baby, so just imagine looking after your toddler when you havent slept for 5 days!! LOL Dont think i've prob helped too much- sorry!!
    the one thing i have noticed when being out with my friends, is that complete strangers feel the need to express their opinion on the small age gaps!!!! the amount of times my friends have had random people coming up to them asking the age gap, and then turning there nose up, and saying ooh your brave!!! How rude!! So be warned for this!
  • i have a 16 month old and my baby due in june so will b 22 months between thm. i wondered how i have wondered if will b able cope but by thn she will b able 2 do my stuff by herself so shud make things abit easya good luck with ur pg x
  • I have three kids alrady and have relatively big age gaps

    ds1 is 7, dd 4 and ds2 almost 1

    I am due no. 4 in 8 weeks so we will have 14 months. I think there are pros and cons for both tbh, I admit I am a bit scared about how we will cope but I know we will.

    I HATE the comments of strangers (and even my own mum!!) about having four kids and esp two so close in age but its no-one elses business- I don't ask them to raise my kids and they are well looked after and well behaved.
  • There's 10months between my 1st 2, then fairly big age gaps between 2 & 3 and 3 & 4 but we then have 20 1/2 months between 4 & 5. Yes its hard work but it's also very rewarding image
  • Hi, our son will be 21 1/2 months when our second son is born this month. I am a bit worried about coping, especially not being able to catch up on sleep during the day unless the baby sleeps when our son has his nap (not much chance I guess, but it might sometimes happen - here's hoping!), but I guess I'll find a way. I'm hoping it'll be good having a small age gap, as our son won't really remember it just being him, and they'll both have the same kind of interests at the same time when they get a bit older, so it'll be easy to keep them entertained. I'm also hoping they'll be close, but I suppose there'll be plenty of fights too! :lol: xx

  • hi there i have a 3 yr old and a 7 1/2mth old and that age gap is fine however i thinbk i may be pregnant again and like you am worried!!! xxx
  • ive got 1o year old 9 year old 4 year old 2 year old and due may 29
  • Im the same i have a 10 month old and due may there will be 14 months between them im terrified too xx
  • thanks ladies, im glad im not alone lol!!!

  • My two are 18 months apart but my daughter was an awsomely good baby so it wasn't very difficult. My son on the other hand was a terrible baby. we are only just over the post traumatic baby stress from him and ttc our third and he is 4 years old and still probably not ready for a younger brother or sister. He is a right pain in my butt to be honest but he is also the cutest little boy in the world so how could ya not love him.
  • Hiya - I am due 2nd sept and my DD will almost be 3 then so i think thats quite a nice gap to have. She will be out of nappies by then and so hopefully can help me with the little jobs for baby no.2!! Good luck ladies. I know u will be fine! x x

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  • Hi

    I have a 19 month old daughter and I am 8 weeks pregnant on my 2nd child.

    Sam x
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