When will I get my notes?

I have been for a second scan this morning (at 13+2) and wasn't given my notes, I thought they were supposed to give you them after your scan?

I do have an appointment with the consultant at the end of this month because I had a loop excision procedure for abnormal cells do you think I will get them then?

When did everyone else get theirs?



  • I was given mine when i first when to see the doctor at 5 +3, she filled out all the info with me then when i saw the MW she went through all again and was adding pages in about things we had talked about. They added a green page in too when i had my scan.

    Could just be my area tho???

  • I received my notes at my first midwife appointment......then i received a 'green note' at my 12 week scan which I gave to the midwife at my secong ap.



  • I got my notes at my booking in appointment with my MW too. She filled them in with me, asked me all the family history and health questions and I have had them ever since. I hand them in every time I have a scan and they stick the result inside and hand them back
  • Hiya,
    I'm the same, got my notes last week at my first midwife appointment. I would prob ask as they usually give them at the first appointment so all your information is together.
  • Ok now I'm worried!!
    My MW was not in her usual room when I booked in so had to hand write my notes, she then said she would have to type them up.
    I'm just concerned incase my consultant needs them and I don't have them!
    I saw a few girls today picking up their notes after their scans.

    Might give the midwife a call, If I am supposed to be carrying these round with me everywhere I really should have them!!
  • Hi Lulu. This isn't related to your question but you mentioned about loop excision procedure, I too had this...who did you tell about this when you were pregnant? doctor or just the midwife?, did you have to do anything differently? and what is your extra apt with the consultant about?
    Holly 5+2
  • Hi hun I got mine at my booking in app at 11 weeks so I would ring your MW and just double check with her.

    K xx

  • Me too i got them at my booking in app at 9 weeks. xx


  • Hi Holly,

    When I booked in with my midwife she went through a list of questions and she asked if I had any previous gynae problems so I told her.
    Because I had, I was put as high risk and she said I would have to see a consultant who would probably discharge me after one visit. It's just a precaution hun

  • I got mine to fill in before I went for my booking - then she sent them off to the hospital at my booking appt and i got them back at my 12 week scan



  • My MW did a home visit at 9 weeks and gave them to me then.
    I've taken them everywhere with me since and docs/hosp/mw have added to them since.
    You should have them as they're meant to have your bp on to compare to throughout your pregnancy - or thats what mw said.
  • Hi Hun i got mine at my booking in appt as well and got them back after my scan to... I was told i was meant to carry them every where with me :-S

    Call your MW and double check! xxxx

    13+6 xx
  • I got given my notes at 15 weeks because my midwife forgot and apprently all the computer systems were down for weeks?! She is extremely disorganised though. xx

    19 weeks
  • Hi i got my notes at my 16 week midwife app she filled everything out at my booking and when i went back at 16 after my scan she had put in my blood results and stuff the hospitail had sent to her about my scan i live in scotland so could be diff

    17 weeks xx
  • I got mine at my booking in appt at 9 weeks. Mine are all hand written though so not sure about why yours have to be typed?
  • I got mine at my booking in appt at 9 weeks too. I've had them ever since and they are all hand written, with pages added here and there as things have progressed.

    Bec 31+6 x
  • Hiya
    i didn't get my notes until 22 weeks, but i didn#t get my booking appointment till 17 weeks, don't know why she didn't just give me them then. but i think this area is pretty rubbish.
    aileen xx
  • I don't have mine? I remember the midwife filling them in at my booking in app but she took them with her. I have my 20 week scan today so I might ask if I am supposed to have them. I didn't get mine last time either, they were always kept at the hospital. I want them now just so I can have a nosey throught them! xxx

    Cat 19+6
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