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At what point did you start wearing maternity clothes?


Sorry for clogging up this forum will all my questions at the moment.

I'm just wondering at what stage people started to wear maternity items? I'm about 81/2 weeks at moment and I think it's more bloat than anything else but some of my clothese are getting very tight and uncomfortable on my belly. My jeans and casual clothes are fine as they tend to sit on my hips but my work trousers and skirts tend to sit a bit higher and are starting to get uncomfortable.

I'm considering buying some clothes in a bigger size ( I'm an 8 at the moment - or should I say was an 8!) but wonder if it's a waste as will I soon grow out of those? and then they would be bigger everywhere and I may look a bit swamped?

I've read about those bands that fit over clothes - are they any good or should I bite the bullet and get myself a few maternity items?

Thanks for any thoughts


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  • Morning hun,

    I am like you, my regular jeans and work clothes still fit but by the end of the day I feel very bloated and uncomfortable.
    I invested in some materniry jeans at the weekend and have worn them and they are sooo comfy, hubs even commented that they don't look maternity.
    Guess what I am trying to say is whenever you feel comfortable hun,
    MrsH and little pud, 10+1 xxx
  • I was about 28 weeks, im not very big though xx
  • I think I was about 9 weeks when I started wearing some maternity bits, mainly jeans.m I didn't want to wear a bigger size as they just didn't fit properly as it was only really my stomach that was bloating at that stage.

    I used bump bands from about 7 weeks, which I got from mothercare, and they meant I could leave my trousers undone and wear a band over them! xx
  • I went in to work maternity trousers at 10 weeks - just for the comfort of it! I was in so much pain and discomfort by the end of the day - but my style of work trousers weren't that forgiving to be honest.
    Am only needing to be in maternity tops these last fewe weeks (22+5) - can still fit in to some of my regular tops dependent on style.
  • I just bought the next size up in work trousers (as I was sat in them all day it started getting uncomfortable) from about 13-14 weeks, then I went into maternity clothes at about 22 weeks, although I do still wear some of the stretchy t-shirts from Primark that I bought in the next size up as they're lovely and long and I don't mind if they stretch!

    I think it's different for everyone though, same as what maternity clothes you get along with. I bought some underbump jeans that are just too loose as I'm carrying middlish-to-high, so they just fall down.

  • for me - I was defo bloated around weeks 6-10, I kept thinking it was bump but looking back it defo wasn't - it was just bloatedness/water retention! So I got away with normal clothes for quite a while.
    I think I was around 15 weeks when i finally gave in to maternity jeans as I couldn't do the button up on regular jeans. I also lived in leggings when bloated as they were super comfy.
    My best maternity clothes buy, if you feel you just need a bit of extra space are some linen trousers from the maternity section at next. I've been wearing them into the office and even dressed up! they are super comfy x x
  • Hi i am 10 weeks and my jeans no longer fit me and my tops are like tank tops i have been out and brought maternity jeans and tops and am wearing them now it comfort at the end of the day and you dont want tight fitting clothes
  • I was 15 weeks when i started as i found them more comfortable image x
  • Hey fellow DIJ buddy!!

    I'm just under a week behind you and my 'regular' clothes are very uncomfortable now. I have some 'next size up' clothes, but like you said, they hang off me everywhere else and don't look fab, but I don't want to buy maternity clothes just yet so going to see how i go for another few weeks image
  • Hi,
    I'm currently 35+6, and was a size 8 pre pregnancy. I started wearing maternity trousers at around 16 weeks. I got the ones with the adjustable waist, and they have lasted me through my whole pregnancy. I bought them in size 8 too.

    I did originally buy a size 10 pair of trousers, but as well as being bigger on the waist, they were also bigger on the leg, which just made me look silly!

    I invested in bump bands, and was able to wear my pre pregnancy jeans up until a few weeks ago - when my thighs decided to get bigger, so I've had to stop that now!!

    I had mostly tunic style tops and have only bought a few maternity tops, which have been a lifesaver these past few weeks!

    A definite must are some bump bands, some good maternity leggings and a pair of good maternity jeans - I found Next the best!!
  • i didnt need to wear maternity clothes until i was 32 weeks (saved a fortune espec as finished work at 34 weeks) i was a size 16 pre pregnancy though and lost weight until 36 weeks - i can still get into one pair of pre pregnancy jeans lol and a few of my stretchy type tops and im 38+3 today...

  • Hi all,

    thanks for all the responses. Clarebella I'm like you about not wanting to buy anything yet in case it's tempting fate. My tops are so far fine - I've got quite a lot of floaty/smock type tops which I'm hoping will last me all the way to the end and hipster trousers are fine it's just work trousers but I agree with some of your comments about the price and lack of style (at least the ones I've seen). Might just do the hair bobble trick for a while and get a bump band in a few weeks when bloat hopefully turns to bump!

  • I started wearing maternity trousers fro work at 10 weeks because i got more and more bloated as the day went on but could not bear anything tight on my stomach!! Rather than spend a fortune though i got lots of maternity bits from ebay and saved sooooooo much!
  • I've been wearing maternity trousers since about 8 weeks - I just could not get on any of my usual trousers. like MrsFW+Blub I've brought the ones with an adjustable waist so I'm hoping they'll see me through the rest of my pregnancy image I have to say that I've never worn them on the tightest and this weekend I had to let them out again :lol:


  • I started wearing maternity clothes at 8 weeks ish... I was VERY bloated and thought of the belly bands, but a friend said they were rubbish and made your trousers fall down. So I started buying a few bits... linen trousers with a stretchy waist (non maternity but a size up), 2 pairs of maternity leggings. I also got a bundle of maternity trousers on freecycle which I started wearing at 10 weeks. Now at 12 1/2 weeks most of my old clothes don't fit so I'm buying maternity jeans, skirts and dresses off ebay very cheaply- all brand new. Some of my old long tops work well with leggings and things like PJs, tracksuit bottoms are still fine!

    I don't think it matters when you start wearing maternity clothes... they grow with you, and for me it's very important to be comfortable.
  • I think I was scared to buy any maternity clothes until after my first scan. I bought my first pair at about 13/14 weeks as when I sat down I felt like I was being sliced in two. I wouldn't buy too much early on as you never know what size/shape you will be. I bought a lot of really big stuff that I have never worn as I have only put on 13lbs.

    I would buy loose tops for now from normal shops and one pair of maternity jeans and one pair of work maternity trousers. You can probably make leggings and joggers last for ages yet.
  • Im 9+3 and i must say, bump bands are a god send!
    i cant stand anything tight on my tummy at the moment, which is pants as i sit at a computer all day for 2 of my 3 jobs! so had been wearing a long vest top under my work shirt to hide the face that my trousers were undone, but it was just too hot to do that, so have got some bump bands ( i got a black and a white one from for ??10!)
    plus, currently have a sale on, so i got some mamas+papas jeans for ??12 and they have loads of tops and maternity dresses (lots of M+P stuff) at really reasonable prices, plus the DVO stuff is gorgeous! denise van outens pregnancy line.

    i dont think i'll need any maternity tops for a while, as my tops are all either floaty around the middle, or the tight stretchy jersey tops which will all happily accomodate a bump.

    though a maternity bra was a must from 6 weeks!
  • I was 12 weeks ish, but I was bloated and this is my second so could have been bigger too.

    I think its all about your personal comfort.
    Bump bands are brilliant too, especially the ones that support your back and bump xx
  • You should be extra cautious whenever it is over 6 weeks as it will be safe for both mother and infant. Clothing in which you feel uncomfortable should be avoided. If maternity shop is near to your home, it will be better by personally visting  the shop, you will be able to get perfect sizes.

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