Fake tan?

Is it ok to use something like johnsons tinted moisturiser whilst pregnant. I'm just feeling a little pale and unattractive so think a bit of fake tan could cheer me up a bit??


  • Hi Ellisy! Yes Ive checked this out and its fine! Ive been wearing it for quite a few weeks. I just clings to the skin then you shed it so it doesnt get into your bloodstream or anything.

    Claire xx
  • most fake tans are safe they only tan your top couple of layers of skin, i started off with johnsons but i also use a home nivea spray tan too its fab i think it is the same as hair its the fact that because hormones can cause your skin to more sensitive you may have a reation but it wont harm your baby
  • That's just what I wanted to hear, thanks both of you xx
  • Excellent I'm gona use some tonight. I'd read somewhere though that one girl's fake tan developed green!! So I'd do a trial first image x
  • I use fake tan and have done for a while. I feel so pasty without it! As Chloe said it isnt absorbed into your bloodstream as it only goes through top layers of skin thats why it wears off. Happy tanning
  • id use the tinted moisturisers.... bt not the ones like st tropez... im a beauty therapist and was advised not 2 use them
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