Is permanent hair dye home kit safe during pregnancy??

Hi Girls

I have bought a permanent hair dye kit to use at home, is it safe to use if your pregnant???


  • I'd say yes - I've used one and will use another soon. I've also read up loads on this one and the concern used to be that if you inhaled the fumes from strong hair dyes in an enclosed space then you may be risking ingesting those fumes and so might your baby...

    But I think that if you keep the room well aired you're fine - the usual thing would be to just ring your MW or docs if you'd like the offical line and I'm sure they'll be happy to help.

    Enjoy :\)

  • apparantly, all modern home hair dye kits are perfectly safe to use during pregnancy but experts advise that you wait until you are 12 weeks.

    i've used them, but only past 12 weeks.
  • I'm 4-5 weeks, so still in first tri-mester, the pregnancy hormones are making my hair grow fast and at 35 the greys are looming their ugly heads, boo!!

    I would rather be safe than sorry and wouod definatley ventilate the room, however if its not reccomended in the first 12 weeks, then perhaps its best to wait..

    What would you do??
  • If it were me, I'd wait. I'm sure everything would be fine but I personally wouldn't want to take that risk.

    you could always cover the grey with mascara for a few weeks????
  • Thanks Bennettnic, I have really dark chocolate brown hair and the grey really shows up.

    I'm glad I posted this as I was planning on dying my hair this weeekend, so I will put it off till after first tri-mester. I'll look like a right granny by then image

  • can you get it done at a salon?- as long as the colour doesnt touch your scalp its fine- I had my hair highlighted at 6 weeks with the knowledge of my (coincidentally) pregnant hairdresser

  • I'm trying to save at the moment, so can't afford the luxury, I think I'll wait till after the first tri-mester, thanks for the help ladies. XX
  • Thanks for that MichMummy2B, its so funny that you take everything for granted and you have to change your lifestyle so much during the first 12 months at least!! XX

    Found this as i was also planning to do my hair very soon as my hair is darkred/pruple and the blonde ruits coming through is not a good look and its faided so much is pink/orange image

    I remember dyeing my hair with my son and he's ok i did it as i didnt know better image

  • wow cool coloured hair gems, I used to be a greebo back in the 90's and had multi-colured dreadlocks, my favourite was purple and pillarbox red. I think the mascara might have to come out, I'll try it on the greys and see how I fair! XX
  • hi i'm a hairdresser and your fine to colour your hair throughout pregnancy. So long as you have no cuts or abrasins on scalp (in which case you wouldn't colour it anyway). The only thing we recommend is you do a skin test first because when your pregnant the hormones change your sensitivity to things so if you've been that colour for year you may find all of a sudden it can irrate you. Also you may that the colour might take differently because your blood changes with the hormones and as its the blood that makes your hair grow your hair can be different so you may find your colour doesn't as well or is a bit more golden etc. Hope that helps x
  • hi, i always thought it was to do iwth the hormones change ur skin sensitivity so u might react t it even if u usually don't, also because f this, it might not come out the colour it normally long as its in a ventilated room and ur not massaging it into ur scalp (whihch all home dyes i've used ahve said not to do anyway) then its fine, no matter how pregnant u are. xx
  • I spoke to my midwife about this when I was 10 weeks pregnant cos I really wanted to dye my hair and she said it's absolutely fine and that it doesn't put the baby at risk but the only thing that it might do is turn your hair a differen colour to what is on the box because of your hormones. I went on to dye my hair and everything was fine.......well it didn't turn out green anyway!!! xx
  • I didn't know I was pregnant and was dying my hair for sisters wedding. It took me about 3 goes with permanent dye, I'd wake up with it all over my pillow, never happened before, it just didn't 'take' on my hair. I haven't dyed my hair since (8 n1/2 months) and gone back to natural colour! Knowing the 12 week thing that I have read on the replies I may try again, but got new nice bedsheets so ma not have the guts to wreck them again!!
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