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Can anyone tell me if i am entitled to free dental care. I was nhs but as i hadn't been for a while i was struck off and had to go private at another clinic. My question is, do they have to provide free dental care now im pregnant?

I go every 6 months but missed last appointment so may have to pay for it but as i was already pregnant do you think this will be covered by nhs? It's just so expensive and a bit has just broken off a tooth at the back so will need something done with it whether i pay or not.

Does anyone know?

Thanks xx

ps im only 6+2


  • Good question hun!
    I have been wondering the same thing, if you are registered with a private dentist as opposed to NHS do you still get the free dental care??

    Hope someone can help!

  • oops double post xx

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  • When I was pregnant with ds I was registered with a private practice and had to pay for treatment. I think it's only if you go through the NHS that you get it for free.
    Fortunately I've now got myself an NHS one so get it for free this time round!!
  • You're still entitled to free NHS dental care. Ring the dental helpline for your area (search on Google) and they will find you a dentist to register with that's accepting NHS patients. I had a checkup last week with a new dentist and didn't have to pay anything x
  • you are entitled to free nhs dental treatment, but if the practice you go to now is only private, you will need to find and nhs practice taking on new patients for you to get your free treatment.

    ashy x
  • Thanks for your replies.

    Think i'll will beed to phone round and see who is taking on NHS patients at the moment.

    No point paying if I dont have to, I always have to pay for stuff!! xx
  • Yep same for me then, will have to search for a NHS one taking patients, could be interesting! x
  • my private dentist has taken me on NHS, not sure if u need to maybe wait for your NHS exemption card though?
  • You can still get the free treatment before your card comes through acutally. I had my check up whilst mine was on my way, and my dentist said that was fine and just to bring it with me next time.

  • its only nhs treatment and prescriptions that are free, if ur private u still ahve to pay, or switch to a nhs practitioner. plus u need ur exemption card first, if u have treatment done before u receive it u ahve to pay and then claim it back once ur card has arrived. hth x
  • im a dental nurse, if uve got ur green notes already they should see you see you without ur card, but some might get a bit funny, however we just ask when due date is to put on form.

    sian, 32weeks
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