Morning Sickness and horrific nausea

hi guys, not long found out im somewhere between 3-4 wks pregnant and I am already suffering with horrific nausea ALL the time. Have only actually vomited once but it’s a constant feeling of sickness, it literally never stops and I really don’t want to be off my work. Does anyone have any tips on how to dull it or have tried any medication/food/home remedies that might help? any advice would be much appreciated, suffering badly :(


  • If your really struggling then you can go to the doctors and they can give you anti sicknesses tablet. Other things like ginger and eating small snacks can also help. I was lucky I didn’t have any sickness to start with I am only getting nauseous now but am 34 weeks now so it can come back 😂 so best to try things now. 

  • Vitamin b6 helps! My doc put me on a combination of vitamin b6 (25mg) & unisom (half a tablet)... it can be taken twice a day until the nausea starts to ease... I’m 16 weeks and taking it once a day (at night) & it helps a lot... the other day I tried not taking it & was back to extreme nausea all the next day so it definitely works! You can buy both these things over the counter if you can’t get a docs apt any time soon. 

  • Aw that’s fab Thankyou! I have got a prescription for anti sickness meds from doctors but can’t collect til tomorrow afternoon so will go to Holland and Barrett after work today and see if I can pick up some b6 :) willing to try anything at this point lol x

  • I am 6 weeks and also suffering 🤢 have not been sick but constant nausea. All I can eat is really plain basic food and I feel like I’m not really giving this baby a good start, I’m not eating proper meals and no goodness. I feel awful about it! I hope it eases for you and me both! 🤞🏼

  • I’m the same, it’s awful :( went and got some vit b today so hopefully that’ll make a difference! Have you tried all the ginger and stuff? I’ve ordered some lemon essential oils which are also supposed to help! X 

  • People have mentioned about ginger but I don’t know how best to consume it. I can’t do hot drinks at the moment so ginger tea is out, my vitamins have ginger in them but that’s obviously not helping me! I just want to be able to proper meals and healthy stuff rather than a plain jacket potato on its own 😫 i think I’m panicking that I might feel this rubbish for the whole time, if it was a bug you’d be thinking oh well it will pass in a few days but with this there’s no knowing 😫 I might look into lemon oils. Hope you manage to find some relief! 

  • Try snacking on wee gingerbread men, you get boxes of them in Tesco! Or ginger nut biscuts if you can. They’re dry as well so you might manage them. Yeah the lemon essential oil is literally less than £2 on eBay including postage so it’s defo worth a try! Think you’re just supposed to smell it. Yeah I know exactly what you mean, apparently first trimester is supposed to be the worst then it gets easier! So fingers crossed! X

  • Hi i hope  you got your prescription and it helped

    i agree with above about snacks regular meals help small amount Instead of getting b6 pls get the pregnancy multivitamins instead 

    it would hopefully improve after the first trimester 

  • I used to make cinnamon and honey tea and that really helped! Just put a cinnamon stick in some hot water for about 3-4 mins (until the water goes a bit pale yellowy) then take the stick out (you can leave the stick to dry and reuse several times as well!) then add clear honey to taste. I found it really settled my stomach! Good luck!

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