Feeling really unwell - normal pregnancy or other????

Hey Ladies,

I feel like a bit of a fool writing this seen as this is pregnancy #2 but I didn't feel like this last time.

Im 26 weeks and the last 3 days I have felt really really odd. I've got a constant headache despite drinking tonnes, Im really tired all the time, dizzy and If I move too quick I get white flashes in my vision.
My mum reckons its just normal pg stuff and that im just doing too much running around after Lo.
Im just a bit worried as its not stopping. I feel terrible and really have zero energy which is unlike me.

Any ideas? Am im worrying about nothing like my mum thinks or should i see the doc?



  • Hi,
    Why don't you give your midwife a ring for some reassurance? It may just be a normal pregnancy thing but if its making you feel miserable it's worth getting checked just in case.
    Sorry I didn't have anymore useful advice hope you feel better soon!
  • As others have said its defo best to check its not your blood pressure..but if thats normal you may just be unlucky (like me!)

    I've felt awful since about 25 weeks feeling faint and dizzy with headaches, and my dr said its just one of those pregnancy things! I'm 36 weeks now and into my final stretch and this baby cannot be out of me soon enough..so some of us are just unlucky!

    this is also my 2nd pregnancy and didn't feel this bad with DS, but then again I could rest all the time but no chance of that this time!

    Hope you feel better soon.xx
  • i've had the same thing a few times recently im 11+5 with my 2nd
    gonna ring my midwife tomoro i think
  • hi this is my 2nd and i too have been feeling so so shi*, the final conclusion from the docs is that i now have vertigo, been feeling like this for few weeks now, and fed up of feeling like a drunk person, i really hope if it doesnt go before the birth it'll be gone after xxxxxx
    but def go docs or call midwife 2 be on safe side xx
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