Nightime fumblings


Is anyone else suffering from leg cramps in the middle of the night.

I wake up about once a night with cramps and its soooooooo painful, I often scream cos it hurts so much lol but hubby still doesn't wake up. I have tried rubbing my legs etc, but is there any way of preventing them?



  • Yes me, i posted on this a while back, its driving me mad, i wake up most nights with a dead leg, i have to get up & walk round the room, then i turn over & the same happens a few hours later. Argghh it drives me nuts, i'm 28 weeks just hope i dont have another 12 weeks of the same !!
  • I'm only 18 weeks so it look like i'm in for 22 more weeks of pain image

    Have you tried anything to get rid of them?

  • No havent seen my midwife since 16 weeks so never mentioned it, i'm seeing her next week so will see what she says, although i know she will only say its normal & to get on with it (my midwife is a bit crap !!)

    Only thing i have found helps is sleeping upright on the sofa (but thats no good long term) think it keeps most the weight onto my every growing bum & off my legs !!
  • its my left foot when I wake up - drives me mad.
  • I got this with my last pregnancy I didn't find a way to stop it, try popping a small pillow in between your knees. This worked for me. I'm hoping I dont get it this time round but I have bought another small pillow just to be on the safe side.

  • try a banana smoothy (home made) cramp can be caused by a lack of calcium and/or potassium, multi vits could help but a fresh banana smothy tastes much nicer, and is a great snack.

    I suffered with both my others but only found out after so hoping to keep it at bay thi time, I take Pregnacare, have my full calcuim intake and a banana a day.

    Just remember too much potasium is bad for you so don't over do it.
  • I know this sounds daft, but i was told once that cramp can be caused by lack of salt in the diet. try some ready salted crisps or something before bed.
  • thats where the potassium, and soduim come in,
  • Wow it all sounds so nice.

    It has actually started happening since I stopped taking my pregnacare at 14 weeks hmmmmm I drink nearly 3 pints of milk a day so I know I must be getting enough calcium.

    Perhaps amputation of both legs is in order?!

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