how early is early?/

hey girls,,
just sorted out my maternity leave at work, im due to leave on the 27th of march and im due on the 21st of april. my friends and family are saying that this is to late to be giving up work as its about 3 1/2 weeks before
i work in full time sales where majority of the time i do stand all day,, but i thought this was about the right time ,
this is my first baby and im the first out of all my friends so now im unsure what to think as no one can give me any advice,
any other mums or people views would be helpfull as im really confused !!!



  • Well im only 6/7 weeks pregnant, my baby is due about 6th sept and all being well i will finish the week before. Its up to you, if you feel well enough to work then do it.
  • Hey Jema,

    I am due on the 25th June and finishing work 7 days beforehand (unless anything unexpected happens) I plan on working until I can not longer take it, as I really am not the type to take any time off work.

    I think 3 and half weeks before due date is perfectly acceptable, basically its each to their own and I have learnt you musn't always listen to family and friends cos they are nosey little so n sos lol. Do whatever you feel comfy doing.

  • you can be at work the same day you go into labour if you want!! i know people who have done this (one being a hairdresser who is obviously on feet all day) is entirely up to you, other preople should not worry you, you just have to do what you want, leaving 3 1/2 wks before means you have more time with baby after, plus maternity leave before baby is born can be so BORING!! and if you are late its even worse. i left 4 weeks before last time (i was on feet all day too in a shop) and dont work this time so dont have that to consider this time.

    people who try to make you feel you are doing the wrong thing are what irritates me most in the world arghhhh!!!;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • cheers girls i just thought 3 weeks was plenty i go crazy when im at home !!! i know ill be ok after the b-day as ill have my hands full, but sitting at home and waiting will drive me in sane !!!
    beside i would like more time off after than before !!!

    a week! thats hardcore!! lol

  • hi, i'm only about 6wks, due on about 10 Sept and i'm planning to leave work end of august, probably about two weeks before. i work in a office though and just sit on my bum all day so a bit different.

    agree about being bored, don't think i'd know what to do with myself if i was at home all day!
  • lol my nursary is completed so all i have to do is wash the clothes so im like going to have to buy the whole of hmv to keep myself entertained!!!
  • lol my nursary is completed so all i have to do is wash the clothes so im like going to have to buy the whole of hmv to keep myself entertained!!!
  • It all depends on how you feel! With my 1st I gave up work (in an office) 6 wks before due date and was bored stupid then with my 2nd I was a cleaner and carried on til 2 days before my c/section was booked! As already pointed out - the more time you have off before will eat into maternity pay and am sure you would rather have paid time off after baby is born. Its your choice, nobody elses do what feels right for you. Love Lee xxx
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