not preg related but i am so upset!!

long story short, i am sitting here in tears because tonight i reported a dangerous dog to the police and was treated like a total idiot!!!

i see the dog (happens to be a rottweiller) and its owner everyday on taking my wee girl to nursery. it is never ever on a lead and is always miles ahead or behind its owner....first i saw it attack another dog and for the owner to say "you need to stop that hen" (like the dog does it all the time), then a couple days later i saw the same dog bite a mans hand and the womans attittude - ...she was again not very worried about what had just happened.

anyway i asked the police who i should report it to and they said they would take the complaint, ,so i went thru the whole story, and she was very helpful (central police callcentre i think), then the local police guy phoned back and was a total b*****d!!!

his attitude was "funny how we've not had any other reports about this dog" and "has the dog ACTUALLy approached your daughter?"

well NO but lets just wait til it attacks her then do something about it!!!

im so angry. i need to walk past this dog every day with my 3 year old and the woman has no control over it. am i just being stupid and one of those nosey nieghbour people? i only eventually reported it cause someone else (my ex, my daughters dad, who is a policeman) said i should incase it attacks a child then i wouldnt live with myself.

could ui have someones ainion, am i just a hormonal emotional nosey neighbour and they are right to think im an idiot for phoning? OR WOULD YOU HAVE DONE THE SAME?


  • No ur not being stupid at all hun.

    I love dogs but even I'm a bit nervous around rotties if someone has them off the lead. I would definitely have a word with this woman and just ask her politely if she would keep her dog on the lead. If she gets arsy then just say your daughter is frightened, she can't complain about that!

    The policeman was out of order really. It's the same with everything these days, they don't do anything about prevention and will only take action when it's too late. xxxx
  • hi
    i think i would of done the same thing esp as u have seen the dog bite someone!!
    r the police actually waiting for a child to be attacked???
    i do blame the owner tho it doesnt matter what breed the dog is if the dog it taught right from wrong then they would know better!!!
    just my opinon xx
  • I would have also reported it, at least you have done what you can now. It's hard when you report something and feel nothing is done and then something happens (am a teacher and have had to deal with some very upsetting things in the past). But the best thing you can do is what you did.
  • i'd try the rspca, see what they say about the situation. or go to the police station n demand to see someone about it. are there other children that walk in the same area? i'm a dog lover through n through but rotties always make me wary, a few friends have got them but i'm still a bit apprehensive about them & won't go near one if i don't know it kinda thing.
    Aren't there laws about having to have your dog under control?
  • do you know the person who was bit and ask them if they would make a complaint? you could write to your local newspaper, mp, council. i wouldnt give a shit about being percieved as a nosey neighbour all it take is once for it to bite yours or any other child and she's scarred for life if not physically then mentally. its the law that ity be kept on a leash anyway. ithink the penalty for this crime need to be higher.
  • You definately did the right thing chick, Dogs, especially big potentially dangerous ones, should be on a lead if they are in a public place. Like Hayley suggested I would contact the RSPCA and see what they say, if they suspect that the owner can't cope then they can issue warnings and remove and rehome the dog.
  • hi thanks everyone, i have calmed down a bit now. i spoke to dog warden (council) and they were even not very helpful but said they might be able to patrol area or something. i wouldnt feel comfortable approaching the woman myself about it, but i do feel i did the right thing altho i was made to feel stupid. i will wait to hear something and call back in a week or so. my ex (the policeman) said the guy prob didnt know what to do about it, or was just about to go on his teabreak or something!! i looked up dangerous dogs act and its a bit unclear, just talks of private grounds etc, not really streets or parks. anyway i got the incident number so can phone up in a week or so and see if they did anything. i also read that rottys have a very protective tendancy etc and i found this ....


    The Rottweiler Welfare Association offers the following advice for would-be Rottweiler owners:

    * Like all dogs, the Rottweiler needs to be trained properly and controlled at all times

    * No-one should own a Rottweiler unless they are absolutely sure they can control it, and are willing and able to devote time and effort to teach the dog good basic manners

    * The Rottweiler has a natural guarding instinct. Do not do anything (for instance, rough play) to enhance this guarding instinct

    * No Rottweiler should be in the sole charge of a person such as a child who is not capable of controlling it

    * Any person who owns a dog should be aware that he will be devoted to and feel protective towards his household. This should be born in mind when children are playing, people arguing or visitors are calling

    * Third party insurance should be taken out on any Rottweiler that you own

    thanks for everyones support, i feel much better now, just hope the police or wardens do something about it, before some wee kid gets hurt x
  • I'm surprised that your the only person to have reported it, especially as its on your route to the school. Might be worth mentioning it to the school as if they then tell local police they might have a bit more influence.
  • Hello. I have a rottie and he's a big idiot and absolutely great with children and other dogs. However, we always make sure we put a muzzle on him since all the daily mail stories so other people walking nearby don't feel intimidated by him. They arent classed as dangerous dogs though, it's unfortunately the owner that is the dangerous one, if you don't have time or energy to train the dog properly any dog can be dangerous regardless of size. Am a nurse and have seen children come in after being attacked, but it is mainly terriers like jack russells who tend to snap.

    I would have reported it just as you did if I had seen the dog bite someone regardless of breed and size, as if it is biting once it will bite again, and you are right that next time it may well be a child, especially seeing as it is off the lead clearly uncontrolled. It's odd that the owner of the attacked dog didn't report it as well? If another dog attacked mine I would report it immediately.

    Hope someone actually does something about it before something even more serious happens.

  • hi rebecca im so glad to have heard from someone who owns a rottie. i am not getting at rotties personally (altho i admit they do intimidate me and i would never own one myself). and i am glad you are a responsible owner. i cant be the only one who has seen this dog do stuff like that, and your right, its the owner thats the problem. she seems to have such a laidback attitude about the dogs behaviour and its very worrying. i have a message on my answer machine to call the police back, so maybe they are gonna do something about it. i will phone them when my daughters in nursery so i get peace to talk to him lol!its very hard for me because my wee girl is only 3 and wants to just pat any dog that walks past, its hard to know how to teach her to be wary without making her scared of dogs. we have a wee pup black lab cross, (who is just learning not to bite etc) and my wee girl has said that only puppys bite, and not big dogs!! so i really need to teach her that big dogs CAN bite x

    thanks everyone ofr your support, and sorry thid isnt even a preg related issue, but it is related to children x

  • I think you did exactlyu the right thing. I was attacked by a retriever !! A retriever, a breed of dog that is perceived to be extremely gentle and not at all dangerous. I had 46 stitches. I'm absolutely fine around most dogs now, including retrievers, but I do feel uncomfortable around some breeds.
    The point is, it doesn't matter what kind of dog it is, if it has an aggressive nature it should always be on a lead and muzzled if possible.
    If the police aren't going to follow it up I would definantly consider the rspca or writing to the local paper as someone else suggested. Suz x
  • I'm with rebecca here! as i said i know people who have rotties & as long as you train them from an early age i think they can be fantastic pets! but if i see one that i don't know i'm always wary & thinking about it i don't think i've ever seen one out wearing a mussel.;20750;42/st/20080421/dt/6/k/fc61/preg.png

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