Steroids??? How do they affect my baby

I am currently 36 weeks pregnant. At 34+5 I was admitted to hospital with bleeding. I was told that i was contracting and was given 2 doses of steroids just in case the babywas born early. However I stopped contracting and am now panicking if my babys going to be affected by the steroids and he's going to thrive too much. Does anyone know if they will harm my baby???


  • My sister had steroids for the same reason the first time round 6 weeks early. Then went about 10 days over her due date and He was born healthy no probs and weighed in at 8lb. (long but quite skinny). She didn't have steroids the second time went 3 days overdue and he weighed 8lb 13oz but he was very short and chunky like a rugby ball . Don't think it made any difference to hers really. I just help's the babies lungs develop quicker if they are born early.
  • The steroids are just given at that stage because it helps to develop the babys lungs incase it is born. I had the injections at 25 weeks during my last pregnancy and my baby was born at 38 weeks weighing 5lb 10oz and in good health

    I hope this helps xx
  • Hi I had the steroid injections 35 weeks after a stomach bug kick started contractions. All stopped and I am now 39+1weeks, I was also concerned about what would happen and even asked the consultant about if I was overdue would that mean the baby's lungs would be over mature because to me they had been made mature at 35 weeks. Needless to say he looked at me like I'd step off another planet, and explained that the steroids help the lungs to start functioning if baby was born early and as time goes on is just reabsorb into baby's bloodstream or something along those lines. Felt like a right plonker but was also very relieved. Hope this helps
  • Thankyou so baby was born very alert weighing 7lb 9oz and 8 days over due.He didn't look like popeye, just incredably able for a newborn!!!!xx
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