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Does anyone know about travelling on the euro tunnel while pregant? Would like to go to france when nearly 32 weeks pregnant and cant find much info on the net. There is nothing on the euro tunnel website.

I'd like to presume that it's ok as it's just travelling underground and the pressure doesn't effect my ears much??!! not like flying!


  • Hi I think it shoudl be ok but check withmidwive and insurers. Hubby wanted to take me away but as I am 28 weeks today there is no chance of flying so we was thinking about popping over to paris on eurostar. When i find out more I will let you know. xx

  • trouble is that we want to go next sat, will see midwife next thurs - hopefully we can still get tickets that late?!
  • thanks for the reply though!
  • Maybe see doctor? I did fly with my last baby at 29 weeks and saw doctor and got a letter to say it was ok.(I did have to pay for letter as standard)

    I am pretty sure they will beable to let you know a little sooner especially if you can get a late appointment monday.

  • I'm sure it's fine. I honestly didn't notice the pressure and my ears didn't pop or anything. But I wasn't pregnant when I went on so probably wasn't paying attention.
    If it's for a treat it is absolutely worth paying the extra ??20 each way to get upgraded to 1st class. We did and I would do it every time now. 3 course meal, free champers (although not for you right now), free magazines etc. Honesltly it was lush. Hope you enjoy it. Suz x
  • we're going to take the car so no first class but the comfort of just driving on and off easily - last time took snacks and drinks! i agree though, went first class to paris once and was fantastic! i think maybe i'm worrying too much and should just go!
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