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Hey everyone! I'm just coming in to say "hello"! AF was due on Saturday and didn't appear so tested on tesco cheapie on Sunday afternoon, BFP!! Did the second one with FMU on Monday morning which again was BFP! Both test lines were fainter than the control line but still should be right shouldn't they? Kind of want to get a CBD just to see the word "pregnant" but hubby looked at me like I was a crazy person as I've already had two BFPs!! Men!! I suppose he's right though, still no AF and been feeling sick so is pretty much definate!

Just wanted to know whether you ladies think I should get a CBD anyway or whether tesco tests are pretty reliable? And when should I contact doctors?

4+4 (I think!)


  • hi and congrats, those tests you done are pretty realiable, but i found that there was something rather satisfying about reading the word 'pregnant' on a cbd after getting so many bfn's x anyhoo congrats and i hope you have a good and healthy pregnancie xx

    chloe xx


  • congratz

    tesco's hpt's are reliable enough especially with two bfps image

    hope u have a happy and healthy 9 months (well 8 months left lol)




  • congratulations image xxx
  • I did 3 normal tests and my lines we're faint too but still there, so i went out and bought a CBD and it said Pregnant! Best feeling in the world. The battery only lasts a day though so take a pic of it! :lol:

    My DH thought i was crazy doing 4 tests in total but it was worth getting the CBD!

    Go for it!!
  • Also, i'm 4+6 so we'll be due around the same time!!



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  • I wont repeat the other advice but just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

    Naomi xx
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