cant cope with work

hi girls i need a rant i work 40 hours a week in an accounts dept and all i keep getting is given more and more work before i got pregnant i was told i was really good at my job and have got pay rises to prove that but now im pregnant i cant rush around like i used to so im behind with my work and i just keep getting given more and more work im on the verge of either breaking into tears or really losing my rag i just feel so much pressure to keep up to the standards i used to do and if i complain now they will just look badly at me i just cant take anymore pressure and i know if the work isnt done all the blame will come back at me. i also want to come back to part time work and im worried if i dont do a good job now they wont give me part time work after my baby is born, im just so stressed:cry:

thanks for letting me rant feel a little better for that sarah xxx


  • awwww sweety don't worry about it.... speak to the boss and explain how your feeling and although you want to do your best you are unable to do as much due to baby..... i've been the same! i work in a lab but due to baby have cut down 60% of job thanks to the boss realising after about a month of being on crtutches that i was unable to do as much as i used to lol i'm knackered and just realised as i count back from the due date that maternity can start 1st week of April!!!! woohoo roll on hahaha
  • Oh Sez,
    Poor you. Try not stress, its only a job and your baby is a million times more important. So what if you slow down a bit, they shouldn't expect so much of you, the more you do the more they'll give you so maybe try and work at your own pace. As for the part time thing, i'm pretty sure they are obliged to consider flexible working options for you so you have a head start there. I work in an office full of men (i am the only girl) and am trying my best to show that woman aren't weak and feeble but its really hard and has been getting me down too so you are not alone. Chin up honey, you can't do it all, bring on maternity leave!! I am kind of regretting saying i'll take mine 2 weks before due date now!! x
  • thanks girls i think hormones make you so much more emotional about these things so have decided to just do my best without stressing about it mine and my babys health is much more important.
    jamtart i work in a garage so mainly men enviroment and i have sympathy for you cus they just dont realise how hard it is for a woman being pregnant although i have had a few ask if im ok recently so they do occasionaly have some compassion lol

    thanks again girls
  • I do a 30 hour week and feel the same talk to them and remind them your human and doing the best you can but a bit extra support wouldn't go a miss! x
  • I have struggled all the way through this pregnancy due to ongoing nausea and vomiting (still present at 34 weeks) and an infection round the cervix that floored me for about 6 weeks before it was diagnosed and treated.

    I didn't realise how much I managed to pack into a day until I was rendered useless by being pregnant (and I stupidly thought I'd only be useless when the baby arrived!!!!)! If you carry on you'll end up making yourself ill so as the others have said think about you and baby! Speak with you boss and gently explain that you'll end up being off sick if it continues (what would they rather have nobody or somebody working in one less gear!). I've always been a hard worker but have had to accept with this pregnancy that I'm not as able and that baby comes first.

    Look after yourself!
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