Not sure what to think now....stupid bloody receptionist...

Well the receptionist rang me back and said shed spoken to the nurse who said i am pg but my levels are low at the to do another pregnancy test in a wk?!? Wouldnt tell me what my levels are as she didnt know and wether or not to go for my 2nd lot of bloods 2morrow.....just said that there low and to test in a wk she was so blunt and just wanted me off the phone...does she have a human bone in her body!!! How the hell am i meant to wait that long all my doctor wants to know is if my levels go up over the 2 day im still going to have them done 2moz. she really upset me, they know ive had an mc b4 and she was so insensitive about it she might as well as said im guna lose this one af is only due today and as my hubbie and sil (a nice childrens nurse) have rightly pointed out to me alot of woman dont even get a + on the day of their period so my levels arnt guna be sky high yet, the babies only just implanted, i just feel so stressed and scared now its stupid...ive got the midwife 2morro and i dont even know wether to xxxx :cry: :cry:


  • Kim you have to go to the midwife chick, stay strong and accept you are pregnant unless they tell you otherwise.

    These midwives and receptioists can be mini hitlers, no word of a lie some are very dismissive and unhelpful and others are great, you just got a crappy one.

    Keep positive and let us know how it goes x
  • Ah hunny. I'm sorry this mean woman didn't seem to know what she was on about. Like your SIL said, it's still very early days so your results will be low at the moment but nevertheless, it's still positive. I would just go for your bloods tomorrow as at least then they'll have something to compare the last result to. It's awful when people have no idea what they're on about and can't answer your questions. In my opinion it should have been a nurse who phoned you anyway. Silly moo! Kepp your chin up hunny, i'm sure everything will turn out to be fine. You just need reassuring which hopefully your blood test tomorrow will do! Try and stay positive. Sending you a big hug xxxxx
  • Although the receptionist's manner leaves a bit to be desired the important thing in all this is - YOU'RE PREGNANT!

    Of course your hormone levels are low, if AF isn't due until today anyway. The recpetionist must just have been passing on what she was told, but didn't have the sensitivity to add, "....which is totally normal for such an early stage in pregnancy."

    Definitely go and see your midwife - she should be able to reassure you.
  • Thanks was just the way she put it i guess totally freaked me out, her words where your levels are low and you should take another test in a wk....i read that as there low arent guna rise and a test will be negative next week, every question i asked her, her response was the same, the nurse says take a test in a wk...i guess i just wanted to hear today that there sky high and everythings guna be fine...its guna be a long old week i can feel it....but yes ptb i AM pg and i need to remember that dont i, its just hard to remain positive sometimes....i need to de-stress and get on with this pg cus im not letting this bean go anywhere!!! xxxxxxx
  • Sorry to hear you have been dealing with the receptionist from hell! They should bear in mind when speaking to pregnant ladies that we're very hormonal and sensitive at the moment and need extra special care! Especially around the kind of issues you're talking about. It sounds to me like the other girls say, that your hormone levels are low because you're only just due your period...and they will rise over the coming weeks. I would go for the blood tests (were they for slapped cheek or hormone levels?) and at least then you're not wondering. Good luck x
  • I hope ur right...ive decided to get on with things what will be will be, my bean isnt going anywhere...well without me putting up a fight guna got for bloods 2moz and pray my levels increase and will then forget about the heartless woman! The bloods 2moz are to re-check my hormone levels...and have a seperate appointment with the midwife for booking in appointment and slap cheek bloods!!!! Im guna be a busy girlie 2moz...roll on friday!xxxxxxxxx
  • Its so annoying that so many horrible people are in the medical proffession! They should have some sensitvity. But look on the bright ARE pregnant! Its going to be a long week but still, the time will pass. Definatly go to midwife and blood tests tomorrow and if your busy then thats one day gone without you even realising! Will be keeping everything crossed for you.
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