emergency scan at 21 weeks..........

i ended up leaving work in a rush to go to the hospital as i was having a low down period type excruciating pain it was really scary we got to hospital at 7pm i was finding it hard to walk it hurt so much we finally got seen at 11pm but the midwife couldn't find my baby's heartbeat!!!!!!!!!!! me and o/h stated to really panic we then had to wait another hour for a doctor during this time we were constantly arguing as he had found an old packet of fags in my bag which i had found in an old pair of jeans the previous day which i had planned to throw away as i knew he would suspect me but stupidly i forgot to throw them away!! argh!!!!!!!!!! anyway doc finally turned up and we had a scan and everything was fine probably just a lazy baby as i hadn't felt s/he move for about 2 weeks, this was the scariest time of my life ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! so happy baby is fine but relieved i decided to get it checked out i can finally relax phew!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hi victoria,
    Pleased to hear everything thurned out ok in the end!!! That woule be my worst nightmare not finding the heart beat, and I bet your mind was running all over the place wondering what was going on. I am just coming up to 21 weeks now, when is your due date??
  • This happened to me at 18 weeks and it was unbelievably scary (I had a bleed too) so I know how you feel. My baby was just swimming right at the back so thats why htey couldnt hear baby. Just relax now in knowing baby is ok.
  • thanks girls it really was so scary hazeleast im due on 14th may xx
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