Phenergen tablets for sickness

I have suffered from severe sickness form about week 6 and it just seems to be easing. I wasn't being sick but I felt so sick i couldn't eat, and lost nearly a stone in weight. I was prescribed Phenergen by the doctor and it rely eased my symptons. I just wondered if anyone else has been prescribed these?


  • there are loads of diffrent anti sickness drugs out there, diffrent docs give diffrent meds, if they help take them, if they were bad they wouldnt give them to you, i had hyperemisis bad until i was 18 weeks and still have bad days now i was given all the usual meds first including phenergan but they didnt actually work for me i was too sick eventually they gave me ondancetron really strong anti sickness and well they worked wonders for me, dont suffer hun take them!
  • Thank you for all your advice! I was just alittle woried when I went to the pharmacist to collect them and he said he wouldn't advise taking them when pregnant. I suppose I need to trust my doctor, I know I will when i'm in labour!
  • do you knw everytime my oh went to pick up my repeat presciption for my ondancetron, he got told i shouldnt be taking them, your doctor knows best! they not very helpful are they! x
  • Hi,

    I'm in the same situation as you - I'm 14 weeks at the moment, and have been suffering from hyperemesis since week 7 image

    I went to the doctor, and they prescribed Phenergan tablets - one to be taken in the evenings. Like yourself, I was also hesitant in taking them - I took them only after I'd had a REALLY bad day. The last time I took one was Christmas Eve evening in the hope I'd be OK on Christmas Day...(it didn't work) image

    When I had an appointment at the hospital to see the Consultant last week, I took my phenergan prescription with me and she said they were perfectly OK to take.


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