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Me and my dh are thinking of going down the reusable cotton nappies rute instead of the disposables. I was wondering if anyone else has thought about this. we also found out today that there are some local goverment incentives if you buy cotton nappies. For example I live in Norfolk where you get ??30 if you buy cotton nappies. It also seems to be a lot more cost effective in the long run. I didnt think they'd be that much cheeper. image


  • Hello,
    we use reuseables we use totsbots fluffles and order them direct from their website. We really like them and you can really notice the savings i'm preggers wi no.2 and don't have to worry about buying any nappies now.
    We do use disposables when we're out n about cause of the bulkyness.
    Good luck deciding
  • Hi, we are thinking the same..mostly for the environmental reasons but also for cost! But we're also interested in the mothercare system (hubby heard about it on the radio and came home all excited!) where by you use a reusable washable outer and then a disposable nappy pad so you are just throwing away a small part with the messiest stuff on it (ugh). It still works out alot cheaper too so we're going to work out whats best. But no way am i doing disposable standard nappies! (i'm sure i'll eat my words when the house stinks and i'm knee deep in sh*t! haha)xx
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