anyone had a scan around 8 weeks? can I see the pics

Hi. i have no idea what to expect from my scan next week. can anyone post a pic of theres? thanks so much


  • Hi hun, if you google "ultrasound scan at 8 weeks" and then click on videos there's lots of videos you can see of scans at 8 weeks!

  • thanks for your replies. im really nervous about scan, hoping so much we can see a heartbeat and that everything is ok. x
  • i had one and could see the heartbeat and it looked like a seahorse.
  • thanks for your replies, scan a week on thurs. seems ages away but hopefully it will go quickly. im not well today image i was wretching before we left house earlier then had to stop car on way to meet inlaws for lunch as thought would be sick. managed to get through dinner (they dont know) but feel awful again now image x
  • hi, this was taken at 9weeks by lmp, but 8+4 by 13week scan dates, iyswim?
    we could clearly see the heartbeat

  • hi i dont really know how to get my pic on here, but i had a scan at 6wks and i am having naohter tomorrow at 8 weeks, all i can say is at 6 weeks, they saw a heartbeat, although baby just looked like a blob attached to a ball (which is apparently yolk sac. id say you should def see a heartbeat by 8 wekkes, sorry that not much help xx
  • I had this scan at 8+1 and they dated me at 7+4, however at my 12 week scan they went back to my original dates which meant I was 8+1 when I had this scan.. Hope that makes sense and that the pic works. It was a really clear scan, could see the head and body, the heartbeat and the food source image Was amazing, each scan just got more and more amazing as well x

  • thanks everyone. cant wait till our scan. cant believe the difference between 8 weeks and 12 weeks, the development is huge. will be nice to get some reassurance before our holidays x
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