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Hi just wondering if any of you have bought a nursing chair for your nursery and if so what kind you have gone for? I think the glider chairs seem really nice but just wondering if they are a waste of money, they seem to be really expensive.


  • ah i have exact same chair from same supplier they r lovely although finding mines abit grubby needs a scrub!!! lazy me. but i never had one for other two n got horrid neck ache feeding! xxxx
  • I had a chair from Ikea as a nursing chair for Millie which was really comfy and much cheaper than the gliders. This time we have actually just ordered an expensive glider for the lounge. We have moved recently and needed a chair to go in the window so it seemed like a good idea. Haven't bothered with the footstool but the chair is lovely. If you are tempted by the expensive ones in Mothercare have a look at kiddicare. They do the same chairs, much cheaper, and have a wider range of colours as well.
  • I got a chair from ikea too, its caled 'poang' or something, not a glider but was only ??60 and its got plenty of bounce in it so can rock with baby. i know people that have bought then never used so i didnt wanna spend too much on one
    x x
  • Hi we got one very similar to the ones in ikea from boundry mill and it was only ??27 and that included the stool. Its not a glider but it does bounce and is very comfortable, just don't let your oh sit on the stool as mine did and fell through it! (He is 16 stone of muscel mind!) Tammi xxx
    35.2 wks
  • Hi we bought a brand new glider chair and stool from Ebay for ??80.00 including postage, its fab really comfy and looks pretty fab in nursery too!

    30 weeks
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