Has anyone been in my Situation?


I've posted this is another section but someone told me to put it in here too.

I was wondering if anyone has experienced similar problems to me and if you have what did you do?

I am worried about having a baby due to my work situation. I'm on probation and I am pretty sure I won't be kept on as the manager has been bullying me and I am 99% sure just doesn't like me! (I can't make a complaint against her though because I'm in my probation period & don't think that would do me any favours). I will therefore probably be out of work at Christmas and if I kept the baby would be 3 months pregnant.

I've been told I could get temp work but would you still qualify for any sort of Maternity pay? I've read you have to be working 26 weeks to qualify.... Also does anyone know what other allowances you can get? Although my partner lives with me he has his own house in his name and it's my brother I own my house with so don't think I'd have to declare him as an income. I don't really earn that much but I do have a mortgage and a car to pay for.

Has anyone else struggled to get by on Stat Mat Pay?

It may sound awful but I'm so worried about my work situation that I'm considering a termination I don't really want because not sure I could manage.

Any advice would be appreciated (again!)



  • Hi,
    I was in simular situation sort of...was made redundant when I was three months so had to find a new job which luckily I did..

    .. then when they offered the post I then told them I was expecting...only entitled to maternity allowance of ??117 a week which is rubbish as our mortgage is at least one of our wages a month! so we managed to get a payment break from out mortgage company which means I can take 6 months off work but we will still struggle...

    ...however no matter what I believe you find a way of coping and it will be so worth it if you truely want the baby, we lost our first baby last year and keep trying for the one I am carrying now that it didnt matter what happend at work...you also dont have to tell your employer until 15 weeks before your due date...

    What I would say is make the right choice for you and not cause of your job..

    Best of luck

  • i think every one will struggle on smp - when i finally get pregnant it will be a fifth of my earnings which is a bit pants. With regard to your job - just make sure that you do nothing wrong - ask you manager what more you can do to improve and give no excuses to fail your probationary period. they can terminate your contract for capability and conduct so dont give them a reason to do this.

    Be a model employee - if you need any more information then go to the department for work and pensions website or go to your citizens advice bureau.

    Good luck
  • He's worried about everything. Money, being a dad too soon..... how I will cope with childbirth. Personally I would have waited 2/3 years but it was unplanned and it's happened now and despite fears of all this (and loosing my figure!) I don't think I can have a termination. I would be devestated if I couldn't conceive in the future for any reason - is it worth risking?

    Thank you for all your replies - bit worried that I won't be able to temp now though if the worse does happen! aahhhhh.....
  • hi didnt want to r&r i havent found myself in the exact situation no, but all i wanted to say is please please really consider a termination very carefully, in some situations i think terminations are the right thing, an each person is diffrent and only you can truly decide if thats the route you need to take, as t can affect you for the rest of your life....and also there is always a way of coping no matter what, you will get there in the end..you will find a way, i really hope you get sorted soon xxx
  • Not in your situation but wanted to say don't think there is much diff between stat mat pay and mat allowance so job bit not really important and neither is based on household income so partner/ brother issue wouldn't be a factor in that. However if you applied for the sure start grant of ??500 then that is means tested and to be honest you should declare partner if he lives with you otherwise you could be done for fraud. Other threads indicate that most couples get it so again thats a lump sum to buy all the baby things you need.
    There are lots of benefits for couples on a low income and many people choose to try for a baby in your situation and they manage.

    Guess what I'm saying is you should talk about whether you want the baby in terms of your relationship and stage of life rather than just financial state. (waffle over- good luck !!)
  • Hi
    With my first baby I had handed my notice in on a well paid job that I hated the week before I realised I was pregnant. However, I was able to get temping work, obviously not very well paid, but enough to cover the bills and conveniently flexible with being pregnant that i could finish an hour or two early the days I was struggling. I cant remember the exact details but it was something like,as I had worked 26 weeks out of the year the baby was due I was entitled to Maternity Allowance ( the job centre can give you more details). I do know that if you are not entitled to Maternity Allowance or Statutory Maternity you can claim Incapacity Benefit from about 29 weeks, though it doesnt last for as long.
    You also dont have to tell an employer you are pregnant until about week 25, at which point you are definitely entitled to either MA or SMP.
    Basically, I would speak to your Job Centre as they will be able to discuss all this with you, but please dont feel pressured into a termination on a financial basis, there is some help available and a lot of us have to go through some lean times for our families, but you do get through.
    Best wishes whatever you decide
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