does this sound right to you?

I went to docs yesterday as i found out i was pg, i am booked into to se the surgery midwife on mon. my dating scan is the 22feb does this not seem a bit early? my last af was dec 10th and i've been booked in for dating scan 22nd feb which would only make me just 10wks but in theory could be less than that if i was looking at date we were actually bding? i already changed the date once as the gp receptionist booked me for dating scan at 7 wks which was WAY too early. it was some one from the scanning department that made my new appt so you'd think this was right? but it just seems a little soon. did you ladies have dating scans earlier than 12wks? xx


  • I will be 14 weeks on Thursday when I get my dating scan despite seeing the midwife when I was 9 weeks! I originally spoke to her a few weeks before that too! I think you can have scans to date anywhere between 10 and 14 weeks, but 12 is the 'ideal'.
  • i'll check with the mw on mon. thanks jellyfishpink. x
  • No problem! Let us know how you get on!

    Louise. x
  • i ad troble geting my scan but got it on 18th maybe they doing it early ass they dnt get SO behind like thaey was wen i wanted a scan
  • my sister had her 12week scan at just turned 10weeks,
    they like to scan you between 10-14 weeks over here, dunno if all hospitals are the same.

  • Hi with my first I had a scan at 10 weeks as my dates were a tiny bit off so I had scan and then had to go back 2 weeks later for the 12 week nuchel scan. I know many hospitals are different but I would stick to that date and you may get 2 scans out of it!

  • You go by the date of your last af, not the date of conception (this is assuming you had a regular cycle). I always had a regular 28 day cycle and I am 23 weeks but if I went by the date I conceived not that I know it I'd be more around 21 weeks.

    Tbh I'd be glad you get an earlier scan as it is so much more reassuring...I would have had to wait until 14 wks for mine but I had an emergency scan at 9 weeks instead. x
  • i was told by my gp to book midwife at 10 weeks and then i'll get my scan for 12-14 weeks i am 7 now ahhh i have ages to wait!! xx
  • Hi i would stick with the date you been given as they like to scan between 10&14 weeks, i have mine on the 15th jan and i will be either 15 or 16 weekspg as had trouble getting to see mw n getting my scan, i would rather of had it earlier than later as i keep stressing myself out there might be something wrong.
    vikki xx
  • I paid private for dating scan at 9 weeks long story but wasnt convinced i was pregnant. I knew exactly when i conceived anyway and measurement of babyconfirmed my dates were right. I later had nhs scan at 14+3 which changed date by 3 days Kelly x
  • I had my first scan at 10+2 and then had a nuchal fold scan 2 weeks later which changed my dates by 3 days. I would stick with the date you have been given.
  • Hi funkymonkey!

    22nd Feb is my due date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Which county do you live in? This seems to vary alot but I live in Chichester, West Sussex and I had a 'dating' scan at 8 weeks, literally to work out how far I was, which I thought was uneccesary as we only tried the once as hubby got called away for work?!

    Then I had a 'nuchal screening' scan at 12 weeks. This is the one that tests for downs syndrome and a few others.
    So your hospital might be doing the same and offering you 2 scans, well 3 if you count the anomoly scan at 20 weeks!!

    My hospital seems to be a bit scan-happy as I have had 6 now!?!

    Congratulatons though!!


    33 + 2 weeks xxxxxx

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  • hi funkymonkey, have just done a quick check on calendar and if the first day of your last af was Monday 10 December, then by Friday 22nd feb you'll be nearly 11 weeks so its not too unusual. I had to wait until 13 weeks for mine and the wait was excrutiating! At least you'll not have to wait quite so long.
  • Thanks girls, to save me posting another question and risk getting on everyones nervres could i ask you lot - do I need to fill out some of the green pregnancy booklet thing that my gp gave me before my appt with mw (2moro) or do i do it at the appt? x
  • before you go tomorrow i did any way
    vikki xx
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