What are you up to tonight?

Hi ladies!

What are we all up to tonight?
My hubby has gone to a mates house for a poker night and just text me to say that some of the other blokes wives/girlfriends are there too and I should go up! Its only a 5 min drive away but I'm in my jammies with greasy hair and a box of maltesers now and really can't be bothered to find something to wear that fits and sort myself out! I feel guilty though as we're not going to be able to just do things like this in about 10 weeks when the baby comes so feel like I shouldn't be lazy and go and have a laugh with our friends whilst I can, I just know I'm going to be sooo tired though if i do go as im falling asleep now!.....argh I dont know what to!!



  • Tonight I am having a nice bath & outting my feet up image

    If i were you babe I would stay right where you are.

    Enjoy some You time xxx
  • if im being honest, i would be a party pooper too and stay right where you are in the comfort of your own home with your maltesers (my OH is not happy you mentioned them as he now has to run to the shop and get me some as "our baby must need them")hehe. its freezing out tonight so nothing better than sat in the warmth and confort of your own home....Enjoy!

  • lol wow us pregnant ladies are so boring lol....I would do exactly the same lol! now if you didn't have the maltesers then it would be a different story! lol. Enjoy some you time hun x x
  • He keeps texting me asking me to go up, I feel so lazy and guilty!! image I really cant be bothered though, Im too tired!! Think Im staying put and get a early night....I dont like being around drunk people when Im completely sober and tired they'll only end up annoying me! ha xxx
  • At least I know I'm not the only one staying in tonight now!! image What are we like!!! xxx
  • PrincessSarah - I made my hubby go and get me the maltesers before he went out and they only had a big box at the shop!! ha never mind....I'm trying not to eat them all, feeling a bit sick now though! ha xxx
  • Id definatley stay in, ive just dropped o/h on a stag do and ive got some munchies and fizzy cola bottles to keep me going. Just cant be arsed doing anything, shame tv is so rubbish lately
    Georgie 14+1 xx
  • I'd be staying in aswell! My OH is playing the wii with his bro while I'm in the bedroom on here and just about to read a good book image also with my haribo starmix yummy xx


  • watching midsommer murders with de-caf tea and double choc muffins (plural...)
    hubby just came back from his friends early so I'm not on my own too long (bless)
    too cold to go anywhere and I just fall asleep anyway...
    but at least we're all in the same boat!!
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