Its My Due Date Today! Will It Ever Start

Hi - Today is my due date and i feel like labour is a million miles away. I'm so glad i've finally reached this date as for the last few weeks its seemed to have been ages. i was having pains last week but everything seems to have stopped so i think he's realised hes better off in there than out in this cold wheather. Any one else due today? Anyone else had no signs at all and them started with labour?

Nat x


  • I am also due today and like you I have no real signs. With my son I had no signs then my waters broke and I had him in 1hr and 12 mins!! Am hoping for the same with this one!
    Good luck
  • good luck you two!! wow rachboo hope ur prepared for a fast delivery then!! all the best girlies xxxx

    chloe 20+5
  • Thanks for your message. xx
  • Well just been for a walk, and about to have a bath with clary sage oil but baby will come when he's ready i suppose. Booked in for a sweep on tuesday if no sign. One other thing.....Why do people say "Oh your still here then" then you've not had your baby yet?? where am i supposed to be going?? lol

    Nat x

    Good luck Rach x x
  • good luck to both of you. i really hope things start soon xx
  • LOL - don't you just hate that!!!! Last time I went to the school to pick up my girls (2 days b4 due date) some bright spark says ' u still holding on to him then? ', no I shoved a basket ball up my jumper!!!!

    I'm 3 days over today......tried everything TWICE and then some lol........plenty of niggles but nothing that goes anywhere. Hope things work for u MinkyMoo & u'll have urs b4 I do lol
  • god you must be reallly fed up ladies!
    i never reached the dreaded due date with my son he was a week early and im dreading reaching it this time hoping this one be early too but knowing my luck it wont! i am looking for signs now and i have 4 weeks to dday! x
  • Thanks ladies - Nothing happening yet.............i'm not desperate..honest:lol:
  • aww bless u 2!! ive still got 3 weeks and i want it out now! i hate to think how ur feeling! well just wanna say good luck hope things start soon! xx
  • hope things start for you both very soon

    Suzi xxx
  • hello girls its also my due date tday and went fr a weep test and a not een dilated its doing my heading want him out now ben longer enough 9 munths  of carrying him how llong des it take to get dilated image i have had no signs as yt everything and nothing works x

  • Bless ya everyone's different, I was fully dilated when got hospital only in labour for hour n 20 mins but it takes longer for some women. Good luck hope things get started soon xx

  • Hiya, I feel 4 u. God how the last couple wks drag then any day from due date onwards feels like a week.

    I dont think you're gonna like what I say but honesty's the best policy! My 1st was 10 days late, 2nd 6 days early, 3rd 4 days late. Be patient and use the time to rest as much as you can cos you're going to need all your energy for labour and the following couple weeks. Your gorgeous baby will come when good and ready! Lol. Btw, I think my 2nd labour, the early one was prompted by a foot massage I had about 8 hours before. Good luck x
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