FAO tigerlilly and oldermum

this brown dishcarge is really getting me down keep thinking that it means miscarriage is impending.
please help how long did it last 4 u? daily thing? how much?

sorry if its tmi to ask just need to know not on my own....


  • Hey hun - dont want to scare you but mine was on/off until 11 weeks, I reckon on average it was every other day from 5-9 weeks, then stopped for a while then again at 11. Occasionally, it was red blood but mostly brown discharge, there wasn't much, definitely not enough for a pad or tampon, sorry if TMI, but more then normal CM. Hope this helps x x x
  • I only had it slightly. Each time was when I was due to have a period it was just a slight brown discharge for a day! Try not panic babe (easy said I know babe) - can you get an early scan where you are? Remember each pregnancy is sooo different. This is my 3rd (by new hubby) and is totally different to my last 2. Please try to get an early scan to put your mind at rest and let me know how you get on.
    Loads of love, Lee xxxx
  • i seem to be getting it everyday, not a lot b any means but its still happening. i've got doc tomorrow and gonna push for an early scan as i'll be nearly 6 weeks.

    I'm trying to chill about it but can't, i know the last week would have been when i had my period so it could just be that. but can't stop worrying have done another pg test and the line was so strong and came up immediatly so my hormones have to be geting stronger but this still isn't helping me relax. xxxx
  • Am glad you got docs appt tomorrow. Explain how worrying it is for you and hopefully you should have an early scan tomorrow. Doing the test was a good idea because being so positive is a good sign. What time is your appt tomorrow? Let us know how you get on ok - will be waiting!!

    I didnt mean it too sound wrong when I said dont panic - i know that is impossible really. Just try to relax a little bit and let us know what tomorrow brings babe. Take care, love lee x
  • Hey I hope u get your early scan, they are so reassuring! It's a good sign there's not much & u got a strong positive on a test. Oldermum is right, every pregnancys different and I'm probably going to be terrified if I have another baby. Just try and stay positive! Although it is a lot easier said than done. You could ask the doctor to do your HCG levels (blood test) as well if they won't do a scan until 7 weeks. I had mine at 6+5. x x x
  • i had a scan with my 1st at 6 weeks so i'm gonna stress that i really am worried about it, as i don't want to keep getting my hopes up if someting is already wrong.

    Its just so weird i seem to be getting fairly good symptoms bellies gone hard and already bloated which is way to early but neva mind, boobs are clearly swollen too...... its just so annoying that i've got this discharge as its making me feel like pg must be a false alarm i've only really been of the pill 7 weeks!

    I'm more stressed this time than i was the 1st!!!!!!!
    I'm gonna ask for the blood too cause my appointments at 5:10pm so i know probably wont get a scan till at least the wed when 6 weeks and its the last week b4 crimbo.....

    sorry 4 the rant just really need to vent my worries.......
  • Rant as much as you want - i think ranting on here is what keeps half of us half-sane lol! I had an early scan at dead on 6 wks! Although symptoms are a pain it seems you are getting a lot of good ones. This is my 3rd pregnancy and it seems like a nightmare compared to the other 2!
    I came off my pill in mid-August and my last period was mid-Sept so I fell quickly too - just like you. ITS NOT A FALSE ALARM, we are just doing what mothers do best - worry!!!
    Let us know tomorrow night how you get on yeah?
    Love Lee
  • Thanks honey.
    i can't believe how much this one is worrying me u'd think 2nd time round i'd be calmer- no such luck!!

    I'll let u know once i have news either way. xxx
  • Funny I thought that! Its the 3rd time - no problem, know what to expect etc etc but its hit me like a ton of bricks.

    Cannot remember worrying like this before lol. Only another 6 months to go lol.

    Good luck, love lee x
  • 7.5 for me bring on the bump and morning sickness! i promise i wont complain if i get hypermesis again just as long as bubs alright!!!
  • It is sooo good to come on here & see that everyone has the same worries. When I tried to talk to friends or family they just looked at me like I was mad - none of my friends have kids or have been pregnant and my mum wasnt very understanding at all. I absolutely HATED the first 3 months, I always thought being pregnant was such a happy time but I think the worrying just gets u down so try and look on the bright side.

    I think 2nd time must be worse too cos u already have a little one to look after which must be tiring enough let alone when pregnant...I always wanted about 5 kids (although oh would neva have it!) but once I have him I'll prob say never again!
  • it does help cause every1 keeps saying it'll be fine but i keep thinking u don't know what i'm going through- i just want the 3 months to be up!

    u wont say never again wat ever u go through its so worth it, i am finding this harder this time seem more tired and out if breath earlier- had to have a nap today with my 2yr old two blimmin hours!!!!!
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