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Question about babies body on scan?

i ve just had my twenty week scan and all was brillant. But on both scan - baby looks like he has a big fat belly- is this normal? i am thinking he s going to be a right fatty. everything else on him was long and lean like dad and i m small. Anybody else s baby looking like this?


  • they all look like that i was told at my 32 week gorth scanm that my lo had a larger belly than my dates by almost 4 weeks!! little fatty x
  • It's quite normal, and actually a good sign that baby has a fat tummy. Babies lay down glycogen in their liver ready for when they are born and are not getting blood/nutrients from the umbillical chord 24/7. One of our twins doesn't have a fat tummy and one of the risks is that it may be temporarily hypoglycaemic when it's born so a podgy tum is definitely required!
  • Yeah i think they do look out of proportion on the scans hun.... i always think there head look very big too x

    Dont worry
  • my last scan picture looked the same and my hubbie said (messing to me) that i'll have to cut down on the sweets (which i don't eat that much of). :evil: :evil:
    i wouldn't repeat what i told him to do and then i started to cry :cry:

    he felt so bad and kept saying sorry he was only messing.


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