20 week scan


Just letting everyone know that we had our scan this afternoon and we have a healthy baby boy. I'm so pleased his ok as I'd been a bit worried about him. I thought all along it would be a boy my husbabnd is from all boys and so is his dad so the chain continues!! Cant belive the next time I see him I'll be holding him!!!!! image xxx


  • Aww congratulations. I was so worried about my 20 week scan too, I was convinced they would tell me there was something wrong. I'm having a boy as well but I was well shocked as I thought it was a girl! xxxx


  • CONGRATULATIONS!! i felt sick with nerves before my scan today, but everything was ok and like you its a boy image i was shocked too as we havent had a boy in the family for years and years. the lil fella wudnt stop wriggling when we were trying to get a nice pic and kept putting its hands over its face and making fists!! its amazing isnt it
  • Found out we're having a boy on Monday, my partner is over the moon, i was hoping for a girl, but i've got a healthy baby boy, so what more could i ask for?!!!!
    Seeing him was amazing on the screen. Until the sonographer told us he was playing with his 'bits', which we got a picture off! So we can embarras him when he's older!!
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