Consultant appointment

GRRRRRR, I saw my consultant at the hospital today to have a chat about what is going to be happening with bump.

Well, trying to explain to him my reasons for needing a C-Section was like explain quantum physics. He hadn't looked at any of my notes, wasn't listening to a word I said and showed no interest at all.

I explained about the state of my back and that I had been told that if I had another baby then it would have to be a case of a section under general and regular check ups etc. He asked me why? So i told him AGAIN the reason.
He said that he would have to ge me to go see my back specialist to get him to confirm it for him, then he will send me to see the anethetist to discuss my options.

He now doesn't want to see me till I am 37 weeks, this is how long he has said I can go, or 39 he hasn't decided yet.

I am quite pissed off. It isn't about wanting the baby any earlier before anyone says it, coz i know she is best off in my belly, but my health is a massive factr and he just didn't seem to understand how importnant it is.
I am just gald I know my specialist is gonna set him straight.


  • Poor you! I was just saying to a friend this morning how nice the consultant I've been seeing for extra scans is, & how unlike those I've had dealings with in the past. I think some of them are just power-mad & think they're always right!
    Doesn't he realise you'll be no good to anyone, especially the new baby you have to care for, if you have further back problems after the birth??

    Hope he eventually sees sense!
  • Oh i have ages yet lol I am only 16 weeks, but I have been pregnant twice before, and I have really bad pregnancies, I tend to have practice runs of labour, 3 times with both kids, bleeds, pain etc but he spoke none of any of this. I was not amused I can assure you.
    I have the RA as well, but my spine twists, and i also have degenerative disc disease so an epidural is out of the question as well.

    I will speak to my midwife on the 1st April when I see her and explain how anxious I am about it. I am happy to wait till I am 37 weeks as I said but I am pretty sure I am gonna be in pain and on bed rest before then just winds me up atm.

    My arthritis is in my hands too and I lose feeling in all my legs I am shititng it lol
  • I was lucky actually. The only thing I had was a dead leg for 2 weeks.
    Not being able to take all my meds is causing probs so this should all be fun lol.

    I am quite confident that my back specialist will sort it out for me, but I am just pissed off with the blokes attitude.
  • I didn't BF no, but I wasn't on meds then. I have only been put on them the last 2 years.
    I am on, Amitryptaline, Oramorph, MST and Co-Codamol. So I am pretty much not back on anything if I do feed myself and I deffo wanna try.
    I only have to ring up my GP to get my meds repeated, they know that I only ring due to being in too bad a shape to get there myself. We have a precription delivery service too, might be worth looking into as well.
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