does anyone on here have cysts on their ovaries

please help

Just before xmas I had a transvaginal scan which showed I had some cysts on my ovaries, the lady who performed the scan said it showed some cysts but said she couldnt tell me anything else. I now have an appt with my gyneacologist Tuesday, I do not suffer with any of the other things like spots and weight gain and excess hair etc.

Does anyone on here have it but still managed to get pregnant. Does it mean that i am not ovualting, my cycles are all over 43 days.

Please help. I am getting very stressed out about this as doctors dont seem to be that bothered. I just want to be a mum.


  • Some women suffer with them and manage to conceive fine.

    A friend of my mums had PCOS and only has one Ovary and Tube, she has 5 kids!!
  • Hey! I am now 24+2 with baby number 1. i tried for 9 months before concieving, which i think was down to body getting used to coming off the pill. I have cysts on my right ovary. They said it could be due to when you ovulate, it can leave a cyst which shrinks, or it could just be a fluid sac, again seemingly very common. They are not planning to take any further action so try not to worry. I freaked out to begin with but lots of folk since have told me they have had the same thing xx
  • i have a cyst on my ovary which i had to have drained through key hole surgury. i am now 31 weeks and got pregnant straight away we thought we would have trouble but it happened on the 2nd month. That is probably why you are not ovulating as often but i was on the pill before getting pregnant so had regular ovulation. Good luck and try not to worry
  • hi gems008, I was on the pill for 10 years. My 1st cycle was almost 200 days, then 43 days and i am currently on cd 40. Do you think I should be ovulating then.
  • Hi,
    I had a miscarriage 9 yrs ago and was told I had cysts on my ovaries and paniced like mad. I changed my life style and decided to get my body in the best shape possible so if Mr right came along I was prepared and ready to try again. I eat organic food and dont eat too much high sugar and fatty foods which can effect your cysts.
    I am now 5 months pregnant and after coming off the pill for one month i got pregnant straight away. If i was you I wouldn't panic and just see how you go before you start intervening with medicine.
    Good luck
  • I discovered I was pregnant at 5 weeks, and was taken into hospital with excurciating pains at 6 weeks, they thought I had an ectopic pregnancy, however after tests it turned out to be a really large cyst on my ovary which I must have had before I fell on. Don't worry, a lot of women have cysts on their ovaries and never even know about them, they go on to have kids!!!!
  • Dont worry, it will work out fine, I spent most of my late 20's and early 30's in hospital with cysts, both on my ovaries and bartholm gland, I am currently 29+4 weeks pregnant with my first.
  • dottie_pottie, how long did it take you to concieve?
  • I too have just found out I have a cyst on my ovary. In May 2007 I gave birth to a beautiful little girl and now I am 5 weeks pregnant again, so, so far it hasn't affected me.
    They told me they're going to monitor it over the next fews weeks
  • It took 4 years and they did say that I might not concieve, but as I have learned over the years - never say never. I did find that the more I thought about it the more stress I was putting on myself then this summer when I was stressing out about other things I court on.
    It will happen just takes time
  • I also have polysystic ovaries, it took me 2 years to conceive with my 1st & 2nd child (currently 25 weeks pregnant with 2nd) although i wasnt actively trying i just wasnt using any contraception, it hasnt made any diff to me really to be honest
  • Hi i also have pcos and it took me 2 years to get my first then when she was two we decided to have another and i got pg straight away but unfortuneatly it ended in a mc we carried on trying but it took us 3 years and i finally got pg what helped me was losing weight as i we had gone for our first ivf appointment and they said i had to lose weight, so just before my second appointment i discovered i was pg, now i am pg with my third and my lo is only 18 weeks.

    I suffer from very irregular periods and find it hard to lose weight but i dont suffer from spots or extra hair.What i have found is my hair is thining abit which is also a side affect.
    vikki xx
  • vikki R
    Mr cycles are very long and that is the only side affect i seem to have since i was told i had some cysts on my ovaries, i am a size 10-12 and done struggle with my weight
  • Hi do you have cysts on both or just one side? my cycle days were any where from 38 days to 52 days it was a nightmare so just had to try and guess when ovulating but just kept trying and it happened even thought i didnt think it would trying for so long, Like i said i started taking vitamins and eating more healthy and doing exercise to lose weight and my cycles came into line at 32 days for 3 months or more and on the third month i concieved.
    Have the doctors offered you any advice about it or just told you and left you to get on with it?
    vikki xx
  • vikki R
    I dont really know how many or if on both yet, i have got a hosp appt tomorrow afternoon so hopefully she will be able to tell me abit more. The lady who did the transvaginal scan didnt tell me anything apart from she was referring it back to the docs as having cysts on my ovaries.
  • i have pco and cysts that theycall light endermitrosis, i was on pill and somehow managed to concieve even though we wernt trying and barely ever has sex. image

    so in my opinion, if i concieved while on the pill, anyone can. i may only be 19, but my ovaries are very bad, and ive been told i will prob go through the change early (about 34).
  • Good luck at the docs tomorrow let us know how you get on take care.
    vikki xx
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