They got me! and advice please

I am gutted! Have spent a fortune on Mamma Mio Tummy Rub, and Bio Oil and the like and had been proudly admiring my substantial but stretch mark free bump, when today i noticed that the underside of my boobs are covered in bloody stretch marks!!! ARRGGG.

Does this mean that eventually they will be all over?

Also does anyone know, once there are stretch marks there, do you carry on oiling up in the same way, or should i use a cream to reduce them?


  • hi, i have experianced the same, no marks any were eccept my boobs!
    and iv used strecthmark cream relegiusly twice a day, i just think its something that u cant stop happening. But i am ready to drop my 2nd child and im not that bad.
    I would definatley keep using it, the Bio oil is to prevent and help reduce any way isnt it?
    Not 100% sure cos i use coco butter. Or it mite sound daft but olive oil??? MY grandmother swears by it! LOL.
    Keep a watchfull eye on ur thighs and bum aswell as they seem to creep up on u there xx
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