im 37 weeks pregnant so obviously i expect to feel quite achy and sore, but the problem is, i can only just walk and im having trouble turning over in bed at night, its waking me up everytime i move coz im in that much pain. i feel like a rugby player had kicked me really hard between the legs!!! ive been feeling achy every since the babys head was engaged but the last few days have been excrutiating!!! and i cant explain to anyone what it feels like so it feels like no 1 has any sympathy for me!!! there is a load of pressure down there, so much so, im going for about 4-5 poos (sorry tmi!!) a day! isit just one of those things im going to have to put up with? lol!!

love gracie and baby 37 + 2 xx


  • awww i dnt kno what to say apart from thats pregnancy for you lol ill b 36wk on thursday ive been gettin alot of aches n pains and stretching image my baby ent engaged yet thou got midwife app next tuesday ill b 36+5 whats your babies due d8?
    abbie,hope+bluebump 35+5
  • am due on the 7th april. but i really dont think that i will last that long!! i dont know why, but im just convinced i will be a week or so early!! i just cant wait to get it over with now!! im sick of being pregnant!! xxx
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