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hey everyone image ive just recently found out that iam pregnant and im just looking for any advice anyone can give me. ive been feeling really crap in the mornings feeling sick and dizzy is all that normal?


  • Hi

    Congrats, yep the joys of pregnancy hey lol. Advice ginger nut biscuits and eat little and often. Just wait hun its get worse lol xxx

    Take care

    Tracey 29 weeks
  • Hi everyone!!! im new to this, im 23 weeks pregnant. is it normal tht my partner cant feel the baby kicking yet
  • i found rich tea biscuits (eaten in bed before you get up) or boiled sweets helped with the nausia and for the dizziness i found myself having to nibble on high energy food all day long and relaxing. Dont worry its all 'normal'. Your body is very hard at work & adjusting to all those hormones flying around but if in doubt speak to your midwife.

    lots of rest and help around the house too helped with the feeling crappy! treat yourself and indulge in whatever you want - that bath with the aromo candles, that luxury icecream, the entire morning in bed!(if you can)

    take it easy and it will get better.
    Good luck

  • Congrats on your pregnancy hun! Unfortunately it is normal yes. With the dizziness make sure you do sit down for abit if you can as it is abit scary at times. Got sick of passing out whilst trying to make toast for sickness and coming around with my dog trying to be a nurse licking my face!

    Found it got better when I was able to figure out which foods etc worked best for me, and eating whatever I could whether that was lots of chocs as long as it would stay down. Still get it now but can eat real meals again! Hopefully you'll be one of the lucky ones and it'll pass soon.

    Take care xxx

    Hope you feel better soon.
  • hey steph, my oh couldn't feel out lo kick till 25/26 weeks, but with me it's coz my placenta is at the front rather than the back image anterior i think it's called!
    hope that helps!;20750;42/st/20080421/dt/6/k/fc61/preg.png

  • thank you to everyone that replied to my message, your all so kind. im going to be taking all your advice thank you imageimageimageimage
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