plz tell me this is normal?

Hi ladies,

Right I'm still feeling positive but im still getting dull achey pains from time to time as if AF is about to visit, also get little twinges in tum a bit like little stitches is this just everything stretching - is it normal? but I am feeling very nauseous and heaving loads - WOOHOO! (BTW I'm about 7wks) x


  • Hi funkymonkey, i had the dull achey af type pains but dont remember if i had the twingy feeling (i think i did) it all sounds normal so far.
    I have my fingers crossed for you.
  • Hi funkymonekey can completely understand your worries, even on my third I worried at every niggle and ache.

    It is very normal to have these twinges and the dull period like pains especially in early days as your body is going through a huge adjustment and you also have your tummy muscles stretching.

    Hope this helps and extra good luck xxxx

  • I had them loads.... they're supposed to go around 8 weeks, my gp said it was everything stretching inside. I'm 9+5 now and I've only had a few twinges.

    It's safe for you take to paracetamol if you get uncomfortable, but i would check with your GP if you start feeling worse
  • I also got the kind of pains you describe. I ended up having an early scan, think my doctor was just being cautious but of course it turned out to be nothing, just my body adjusting. I wouldn't worry at all, but like MrsT said check with your GP or phone NHS direct or something if it gets any worse.
  • I had similar things too - seemed to go about 3 weeks ago but have started again this week (13+2). I keep getting nipping pains and had these too in early stages - I've heard this might be round ligament pain but I like to think it's baby being naught and giving me a little nip!

    Good luck x x x
  • Sounds perfectly normal to me hun, I remember those pains, With every one of them I worried. I still get them now and again and am 33 weeks today. Its your uterus and everything else in there thinking wtf is going on to my body!!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x
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