Strange Dream

I had a really weird dream last night - and I'm sure I'll have more to come as I know that they are common in pregnancy.

I'm heavily pregnant and its just coming up to the kids' bedtime (for some reason 9pm instead of 8pm). I start having really strong contractions so tell DH that we need to get them to bed quickly before anything happens. Just as we are putting DD to bed I can feel a big bulge between my legs - I somehow know that these are my waters so start shouting at DH to grab some towels which he makes a complete mess of doing so I have to get them myself.

We get downstairs and manage to lay down the towels just in time for my waters to break followed very quickly by the placenta (very weird!!!). My contractions then complete die down but are soon back again. My beautiful baby girl is born at 9.57pm (I find it very strange that I remembered the exact time LOL) very quickly but quite pain-free.

I then tell DH to get on the phone to the MW as we can't do anything because the placenta needs to be delivered (DUH - I somehow seem to have forgotton that I had delivered this first!!!) Our parents then arrive to find our little girl (with no name as we just couldn't decide) lying in her moses basket in the corner. The MW arrives and sees that everything is well and that I've already delivered the placenta so is happy to go away again.

I don't usually remember my dreams but this was so vivid - as I say the time has completely stuck in my mind. And as for the placenta being delivered before the baby I know that this would never happen. Quite a freaky dream but I'd be happy to have the pain-free birth that I dreamt of.

Love and hugs
Clare & Blob
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