Scans - how many?

I was last pregnant 9 years ago, I only had one scan at 20 weeks. I have read somewhere this morning that women now have other scans, one called a nuchal somethingorother???

Did any of you have dating scans? I am around 6 weeks pregnant but can't be sure for definite because my cycles ranged from 21 days upto 33 days. Given this do you think it would be likely they would give me a dating scan?

Just wondered what scans you ladies had had so I know what to expect.

thanks, Melissa


  • It depends on your area- postcode lottery! I am in Bucks and get a 12 week Nuchal Translucency/Dating scan on the NHS. Basically as well as dating the pregnancy they measure the fold at the back of the baby's neck to give you your chance of down's syndrome

    If I hadn't been given this on the NHS I would have had a private scan for some reassurance

  • Hi Melissa,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    How many scans you get will depend on where you live.

    Our NHS authority only offer one at 20 weeks but alot of others offer one at 12 weeks as well.

    We have had 3, 1 at 6+5 due to bleeding, a private one at 11+5 that we paid for and then an NHS standard anomaly scan at 20 weeks!

    29+3 x
  • Thanks kimmy, thats a new one since 2000 ! they did that in my 20 week scan. I'll have a chat with my MW when I eventually get to meet her!
  • Hi goonie, how much did you pay for the private scan if you don't mind me asking?
  • We only paid ??50 as they had a sale on at the time, very random I know!

    I think the average cost is about ??100 though! x
  • depends on area, your risk catorgary and if you have bleeding.

    i'm high risk and have had scans at 8, 11, 12, 20, 24, 33 and 36 weeks

  • i have had a 12 week and a 20 week for the normal routine ones... then we paid for a private one 4 gender.... and i have had also had 2 have a growth scan at week 27, and will have another at week 34.. growth scan is only needed in this preg (didnt with first) as i had c-section, so ty like 2 check he is growin ok, n not 2 big incase i may like 2 try VBAC this time
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