last day of work today

thats it im finally done !!!!!!! 37w and im home from work for the last time phew !! i was supposed to finish at 34 weeks but they have only just got someone to cover me. im going to miss it but i get abit if a rest now b4 baby gets here.


  • Oh you lucky lucky person! I'm so jealous!!! I finish 3wks today, & it really can't come soon enough. If baby arrives on time I'll have 4 wks with my feet up - can't wait.
    Enjoy the time to yourself & make sure you get plenty of rest, because once your baby arrives you won't have any! Good luck!
  • oooh, nice just try and relax now!

    I've finished c/minding now at 28weeks - however, I'm running round like a blue a***d fly trying to get my house tidy etc. think the nesting phase is kicking in LOL!

    enjoy the rest. chelle x
    e.d.d 4th july
  • thanks girls xx im really relieved to be done. hope the time flies quickly for you all
  • Have a good rest, baby will be here before you know it x
  • thanks gill xx
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