Hi guys, was talknig to oh the other day and he said out of the blue i'll have start thinking about what pressie i'll get you for coming out hospital awwwww how sweet i really never thought he'd get me anything (not out of badness just its not really that common) i told him not to bother wasting money on me but to spend it on lo but it got me thinking - u know what i got a good one here!!!
Just thought i'd share my joy xx


  • aww thats so sweet! my oh prob hasnt even thought of that..i thin you have got a good un x
  • What a lovely man you've got to think of this!! My mum was given a present by my dad for each of us three kids - a brooch for me and my brother, and a necklace for my other brother. I've told my OH about this... we shall seeimage) xx
  • aaahhhh how sweet my oh hasn't said anything bout it yet but coz he's the best bloke iv'e ever been with and he loves me so much i think he'll spoil me and his son rotten, and he wont let me do any thing for a few weeks after i had bubby.
  • my oh said he wouldn't expect anything for fathers day (baby due on the 20th of june) but in next breath he was talking about getting me something for mothers day (???) wheres the logic image mine is a good one too image yay
  • My husband had me trying on rings at the weekend to "get an idea" however because I have had carpal tunnel for most of my pregnancy my fingers are swollen (had to take my engagement ring off before it got too tight, but left it too long to take my wedding ring off and now its stuck) so I couldn't get anything anywhere near my knuckle! Lol even some of the jewellers looked alarmed at my troll hands.
  • I keep telling my husband that it is tradition to buy a new mother an eternity ring on the birth of your first child and he just nods sagely. I don't know if he is listening or not, but an eternity ring would be a fantastic gift! Though my fingers are swollen too, and I haven't been able to wear my engagement or wedding rings for weeks now.

    In truth, I only know two ladies who have been given eternity rings when their babies were born, but it can't hurt to plant the seed!
  • what are eternity rings for exactly i know if you buy bridel ring sets you get one with it coz my mums got one. im not realy stupid and cluless it's just im only 21 this is my first child and i dont realy know anything about these eternity rings. if i know what they are then at least when iget one i wont look cluless.
  • I think we all got good ones eh? I told my sis what my oh said and she knows what i'm getting (he and my fam are pretty close) I'm thinking it could be jewellery as he has an eye for it, bought me a gorg engagement ring last year for xmas ooh the excitement x
  • Had trouble getting Xmas pressie out of mine - am going to leave this page open for him to read lol!!!!
  • well after i had my first, i got a small box of malteasers!! yes...u read correctly. Even then he tried to eat them all!! Charming!!

    Heather xxx
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