Gave my hamsters up today

Hi girls

Today was the day I had to re home them. I took them about 1-30 the lady was lovely and I know they will be really well looked after it's just so sad coming home tp an empty house we have had pets ever since we lived together so it's really odd and it's only just hit me how I will never see them again.

K xx


  • oh what a shame i'm sure they'll be happy!! why did you rehome them?
  • Aww, that must have been difficult hun, why was it that you had to give them up?
  • aww hun that must have been really hard.... Just think in a few months time the house wont be empty and you will have your little girl there...

    HUGS xxx
  • Its a place in Kent who looks after unwanted pets as awful as that sounds. She had soo many there they were all soooo cute I want to take them all back home with me.

    I had to give them up as we can't have pets in our rented house and also we have a two bedroom house and they were in the room the baby will go on and in wanted to start geting that room ready for her and so on.

    K xx
  • oh bless hamsters are so cute but they are messy buggers i only have the one and he's a stinker!! have fun doing the babys room!!xxx
  • awww i cryed wen i had to rehome mine even thow the little buggers bite me everytime i cleaned thm out i had to rehome my oh bearded dragon and staff pup the other weeks cos i cudnt cope with them once amys born and plus i was scared stiff of the dragon. So i know how u feel but its the best thing i ever did the workload has over halved as iv only got miss kitty i cudnt give her up id go insaine now my oh has gone she keeps me company at night xxx
  • i have a nutty staffy a mad cat and smelly hamster !! i must be mad but they are also my babies!! and my dog keeps me company and i feel safe with her about when oh is on lates!
    carly 34+5
  • Ah hun im sorry, we may have to give up our cat, we have had her for 6 years but she is really unhygenic and only half the time she uses the litter tray and the other half she uses the floor. Its horrible but I would be so worried having her around a baby, if I can I am going to get mil to take her as she has a cat and both cats are familiar with each other.
  • Thanks girls, I felt aawful giving them up I had three hamsters and the old they got the more they were smelling and as thats the room the baby is going in hubby wanted them out and to air the room out and then start to get it ready for her.

    I know it's the right thing to do and that they are going to be really looked after it's just so hard having them as babies and now knowing I am never going to see them again you know.

    I am feeling better this morning though hubby has been a little sweetheart.

    K xx
  • Dont worry honey, they will be fine. Soon you will have so much to do you wont notice the emptyness xx
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