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Hi everyone. I was just reading It-must-be-love's post about having aboy when you were hoping for a girl. I wasnt in that catagory as i was hoping for a boy and thats what im having. But she was basically talking about the possitives of having a boy and i posted a reply that it can increase sex drive etc but i want to make it clear that im not being biased in any way toward people having girls. Girls & boys are just as good as each other. I just dont want people to think that because im carrying a boy i was trying to make out its better than a girl. im not sayingt that in any way, i was just trying to cheer those who wanted a girl but found out it was a boy.

Please dont think im trying to be rude, im not. I just taught after i posted it 'god what if someone carrying a girl thinks im trying to make out its better carrying a boy' because its the very same. Boy or girl they will both be an amazing child and fill both parents world with the joy of parenting.

Thanks for reading, and if i have offened anyone i am very sorry i never ment to do anything of the sort.

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  • Sarah, I have just read your post and don't think anyone will be offened by what you said babe! Calm...............
    Tammi xxx
    25+5 weeks
  • thanks i just sometimes have a habit of writing things the wrong way, and annoying people.
  • Sarah, don't worry! I think that people will realise that you were just giving one view. There is a whole list of reasons why one sex is better than the other depending on your point of view and if you look at all of them I reckon they about balance out. Think the sex thing might be a bit of an old wifes tale anyway, I last saw my sex drive in September!
  • havent read it yet... but just thinking after reading this Oops hope people didnt think thats what i was getting at either! just wanted to create possitive thoughts about bonding with the child once you know the sex especially if your were suprised / shocked or disapointted! Both are beautiful of course... just though it might help with the emotional side of meeting this new little person were each making and finding out the sex just brings that a little closer! xx
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