How often do you go to the toilet??

Sorry bit of a random question I know ;\)

Just wondered when I will start to feel like I need the loo more?? I am only 5+2 so newly pregnant and i dont feel like am going to the toilet anymore than I did before I got pregnant.

Also had an early scan on thur and saw the sac but was too early to see anything else, I have a cyst on my ovary too should I be concerned about this?? image

I have to go back in 2 weeks to check on development so am keeping my fingers crossed that will see a heartbeat at 7 weeks.

I am my own worst enemy for not drinking enough fluid but have really upped my intake since getting pregnant but can sit for hours without going for a wee!!! I guess its just because have always done it but I know i shouldnt.

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  • Hey SD, never fear, the need to wee will come....I'm 10+6 now and feel like I'm never off the loo! Seriously, every couple of hours, and getting up dopey in the night is driving me - and hubby mad!
    Glad your scan went well. Sounds like you had your first at a similar stage to me, I had to go back too weeks later too (had been spotting) and the difference was amazing!! At the 2nd scan they dated me 6+6 (should've been 8 according to LMP), but they told me not to worry about that as it is only millimetres at this stage, and they wre happy with the progress of growth. Got my 12 wk scan next week!
    So pleased its going well for you.
  • Well currently feel like I am going every 15 mins!! Bit of a standing joke at work image
    Definitely went more frequently after about 9/10 weeks and for the last month have been going in the night too, oh the fun!
    Some days I am not out of the loo and others can go for hours.
  • I'm 34 weeks and still not going to the toilet that often - one of the symptoms that passes me by I guess.
  • Im glad you said that MrsC06 as im 27+4 and I dont feel i am peeing more than before although im another guilty one of not drinking enough water so maybe thats why!?? I havent been woken up at night either but am beginning to find that i am absolutely bursting when i get up in the morning. xx
  • I am 6+0 today and get up in the night about 3 times.. I need to go to toilet at least 3 times before I get to work, then maybe another 2 times before lunch. in afternoon its not so bad I can go a few hours without going. I t just seems to be in the middle of night and morning. its worse when I drink lots of water, trying to drink at least a litre of actual water and then diluting juice and decaf tea, sp probably drink about 1.5 litres a day.

  • Hi, I am 17+4 and weeing a lot mor often but I didn't when I was at your stage.

    With regards to the cyst, they found I had 2 on my left ovary at my 7 week scan and said they were common. I read in a pregnancy book that the month you get pregnant the ovary that released the egg that month can get a cyst on it as your normal period hormone releases some fluid that helps the ovary heal itself that month from the egg bursting free, if you don't have your period then you don't have the this so a cyst forms instead of the normal healing. My cyst had got a bit smaller by my 12 week scan but was still there and the chances are, it will just get smaller and dissappear.

    B xx
  • I think it must be different for everyone, I on the other hand don't stop peeing lol, I sometimes literally get off the loo and am back on it about 2 mins later!!!! my baby girl seems to know when i'm out somewhere and nowhere near a toilet and spends her whole time dancing on my me if the need to pee is not frequent then you've had a touch lol xxx

    27 wks

    27 weeks
  • Thanks all guess am just panicking for no reason am trying to keep my intake of fluids up just I know this will sound strange I am never thirsty and never was before I got pregnant!!

    So I have to keep reminding myself to go and get a glass of juice every hour or so to keep me hydrated.

    Hubby is always telling me off for not drinking enough and I used to sometimes go allday with only drinking maybe 1 or 2 drinks.

  • hi,

    Just a quick one about drinking enough...

    I had a problem a couple of weeks ago with the baby's heartbeat beating too fast which is a sign of fetal distress image however, we soon found the cause of this to be that I was dehydrated! Doctor has told me that I should be drinking lots (especially with the warmer weather) and that even when I'm not even thirsty to have a glass of water as baby needs it!

    I hope this doesnt scare you but same thing happened to another due in july lady and it was because she was dehydrated too. So drink drink drink! Everything has thankfully gone back to normal now but it made me realise how rubbish I was at drinking. I felt bad as baby was distressed and it was obvisouly my fault for not watering him enough!

    Again, dont mean to scare anyone but just thought I'd share as I didnt know not drinking could effect baby in that way.

    Sally 38+6. xxx
  • 17 and half weeks and still peeing alot, should i be worried?

  • Hi

    i suffered quite low blood pressure in my pregnancy and felt very faint often to te extent if an interesting episode in a packed boots store. very embarrassing!


    anyway I too was told to drink plenty and it really helped. 

    I would say to go easy on the juice because of the amount of sugar in there. Water is best and caffeine in moderation is fine. I think they say 2 cups a day as ther is a link to miscarriage and premature labour and low birth weight. 

    Also avoid green tea. It can interfere with iron absorption and we are prone to iron deficiency en pregnant. 


    I am sure you will start to feel more thirsty soon enough. By the en I was sinking 2 litres a day easily when is normally struggle with half that.image

    by the way do I remember you from ttc in 2010? Your username seems familiar x

  • your doing the right thing by keeping up with lots of fluids and keep active too a gentle walk could make you running for the nearest loo at any time.  sometimes i need to go 3/4 times an hour, sometimes i need to go right after going if baby moves i just have to sit there for a bit just in case.  Everyone is different and you will get to know what if right for you, if it continues go to your gp as you might have a urine infection but im sure the fluids will kick in soon enough about 6 weeks maybe.  hope you are ok and take care

  • I am 7 weeks Pregnant, I feel so sick after eating, My heart beat so fast and feels like I will run out of breath. again I havent went to the toilet to do number 2 a lot. I struggle all the time. am I to worry?

  • hello friends

    i am 16 weeks pregnant i am getting urgent toilet more times in a day any problem please tell me

  • i am 16 weeks pregnant i am getting toilet more times in a day any problem please tell me

  • Re your cyst, I wouldn't worry.  I was told at my first scan about my cyst and they put the fear of god into me saying that it was someting that should be monitored and they took measurements etc and told me to mention it to the specialists the following week when I had an appointment.  Went to my appointment really worried and he turned around and said that it was perfectly normal the majority of women get cysts when pregnant!

  • re toilet- im 22 weeks and i must go 3000 times every 24 hours lol!! as for not drinking i was never thirsty before i was pg but about 10 weeks i started drinking loads!!!!!

  • Honestly don't wish for these things as when you get them you won't be happy lol! I'm nearly 36 weeks and wee constantly all through the day and night! Baby dances on my bladder all the time and sometimes I don't even do a full wee, just a few drops, it's not an infection, just the way baby is pressed down on me as head is engaging.

    re the cyst, I also had one which showed on my 7 week scan, by the time I had my 12 week one it was gone so try not to worry xxx

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